ASA Electronics® Collaborates on Keystone® LoadSafe®


ELKHART, IN. – The Engineering team at ASA Electronics® has worked alongside engineers from MORryde®, Dexter® and Keystone® to bring the innovative LoadSafe® On-board Weighing System to life. The development has been in the works at Keystone for four years and made its debut on the Keystone Fuzion 427 triple-axle toy hauler at RVX.

The concept Fuzion is outfitted with Dexter® axles and a MORryde® hitch that were designed in collaboration with ASA Electronics and Keystone to integrate weight sensing technology that can communicate with the iN∙Command Control Systems app.

“iN-Command has opened the doors for us to collaborate with other suppliers in a way we never could before. We’re always looking for opportunities to work with companies that share our goal of providing a better finished product and better user experience.  LoadSafe certainly achieves that goal on all fronts from the OEM level to, eventually, the end consumer. We are very proud to have been a part of it,” said Jim Hess, ASA Electronics Vice President, RV Division.

The sensors measure the weight distribution of the toy hauler in real-time while loading and deliver instant, easy-to-read feedback on the RV owner’s smart device. The two zones of measurement, the trailer axles and the hitch pin, will turn from green to red if the weight in that zone exceeds the recommended weight limit.

“When considering a fifth wheel purchase, some customers can be nervous about towing 17,000 pounds confidently. Right now, weighing your loaded RV prior to each trip is a lengthy, multi-step process. We saw opportunity to make that process easier and more convenient,” said Mark Bullock, SVP of engineering at Keystone.

LoadSafe makes RV travel safer by eliminating the guesswork of packing up and loading the RV for the weekend. Keystone says their ultimate goal is to make this industry-first technology a standard safety feature, just like back up cameras or anti-lock brakes.

Contact: Jordan Lucas,

Public Relations Specialist

ASA Electronics

[email protected]


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