Thank you for your interest in advertising on Toy Hauler Adventures.
Founded by Terry Gluckman the former editor and co-founder of Toy Hauler Magazine, Toy
Hauler Adventures’ purpose is to help showcase the toy hauler lifestyle, including new
trailers, trailer maintenance, repairs and upgrades. All the stories will be totally unbiased
with no whip cream on top, like a real editorial story should be. Not just press releases and
stories saying how great this or that is, like many magazines do today. Our staff writers are
campers with experience spanning three decades, dedicated to authoring the truth. We
have many contacts in the industry, and will provide top level content.

Toy Hauler Adventures strives to serve your Internet advertising goals, and offers four
advertising banner options. We offer Static banners on each of our pages, which will allow
for the maximum viewing from clients. With static banners, your banner will display on each
page, ever time it loads. As a second choice, we offer a rotating 20% view rate banner that
is once again, available on every page on our site. You rotating banner will be displayed on
average once out of every five page loads.
Both banner options are available in two size models. The Large banners are to be 310×80
(310px wide by 80px tall) or 160×160 (160px square). The Small banners are to be 200×80
(200px wide by 80px tall) or 125×125 (125px square). Each banner must be in “jpg”, “gif”
or “png” graphics formats and 72 pixels per inch in resolution. If modifications in size or
format are needed on a delivered banner, an additional charge of $75.00 will be added.

• $350 for 6 months Small Static banner
• $150 for 6 months Small Rotating banner
• $450 for 6 months Large Static banner
• $250 for 6 months Large Rotating banner
• $75 for custom banners, or modifications to delivered banners.

Please contact Terry Gluckman, [email protected], for purchasing.

Download your Ad Kit here.

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