Fight the Dust with Wolfsnout

Don’t Eat my Dust:

I have been riding for years and now that I am a little
older and wiser I realize that breathing dust sucks. I don’t know if I didn’t
pay attention before or if the toys we ride now are just bigger and faster,
hence creating a lot more dust. So over the last few seasons I have tried lots
of products and home made inventions to attempt to restrict all the dirt I was
breathing. Nothing really worked the way I wanted it too, either they messed
with my goggles, wouldn’t stay on, overheated my face or just didn’t work.

Like a lot of you I am a member of tons of forums and started
reading about different ways people were beating the dust. After tying a few of
them I finally  found one that works for me. Wolfsnout a washable foam
filter that fits below your nose and creates a breathable space around your
mouth. It is the first product that I can say I really liked. It didn’t mess with
my goggles at all, was very comfortable and didn’t restrict my breathing.

My first thoughts after seeing the Wolfsnout All Sport, is my friends
are going to give me grief over the way this looks on my face. (My friends are great;
they just like to harass me when they have a chance LOL.) It took me a couple
of times to get the strap in the right spot on my head. At first it kept
pulling down and riding on my ears when I would put my helmet on. After a
couple of tries I learned to put the strap almost on the crown of my head to
get it to stay in the right spot. Once I was on my first ride with this dust
mask I realized I wasn’t sucking dust like I used to and I was able to breathe
out of my mouth which was unusual. I usually had to keep my mouth shut not to
suck in the great outdoors. Breathing fresh air keeps your mind clear and lets
you ride better and faster if you want.

The Wolfsnout is light weight and fits comfortably around my
face and once I started riding it was like I wasn’t even wearing it. Some other
advantages to this mask are that it gives you the ability to pull it away from
your mouth to take a drink out of your water pack. I did notice a dust smell
and sweat odor after a couple of fun rides. It is washable and I wish I would
have washed it between rides. The smell wasn’t noticeable as soon as I started
moving. On a side note I do recommend washing the Wolfsnout before the first
use to get rid of the dye smell.

I had the opportunity to talk to Tim, the guy that invented
the Wolfsnout. I asked some questions about the product and learned a little
about the man. He is a family guy that is very proud that his product is made
in the USA  and refuses to do it any other way. Tim also told me that his eight year old
daughter named the product after showing him pictures in a book. I also found
out that he is working on a new strap that should make the All Sport mask even better.

To check out all the different colors and other reviews
check out the website WOLFSNOUT®

Here is a video on how to wash the Wolfsnout.

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Tyler says:

We have four of these they work great!

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