SEMA 2011

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SEMA; to automotive enthusiasts, the word conjures up images of hundreds of custom cars, trucks and toys, and thousands of goodies to spend money on for their own cars, trucks or toys. SEMA is the Special Equipment Manufacturers Association. Members of SEMA deal in the aftermarket for cars, trucks, and other vehicles. Tires, rims, engine accessories, electronics, suspension and a thousand other “goodies” can be found in this giant show. Encompassing the entire Las Vegas Convention Center, this show is technically closed to the general public. However, the entire parking lot of the Center is open to the public. With literally hundreds of custom vehicles, and several sponsored activities, it’s reason enough to plan a trip to Las Vegas in the month of November.

With an eye out for new and interesting items geared towards our “toys”, we hit the show. Walking miles of booths, and exhibits, we came across several unique items we will be covering in the next couple months. For now however, please enjoy these photos we took of some of the sights.

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