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Many people have been asking for a leveling system for their trailers. Finally Rieco-Titan has come through with their new Ground Control Wireless leveling system.  The system uses four electric jacks and can be used on 5th wheel toyhaulers, tag trailers and even horse trailers. Reico-Titan has been making jacks for many years and has tons of experience with electric jacks.

The new Ground Control Leveling System is a user friendly and easy to bolt on kit for your trailer. This system is electric not hydraulic which is a big plus, because hydraulic systems are harder to install with the hose lines, and if you get a leak the whole system may fail to operate.  The kit is universal fit and took us about 5 hours to install it.  It comes with everything you need (except tools) for the install and it cost $2999.00.

The system we installed was on a 5th wheel, so the first thing we did was remove the old landing gear and then installed the new legs and motors. It comes with three wiring harness’s one for the front jacks, one for the back jacks, and a power harness. For the back jacks we located a position to mount them at the closest point past the rear axle as you can. Then we drilled four holes on both sides in your frame to mount the inside plate and then two holes on top with spacers so the plate doesn’t spin. Next we figured out the correct height (it is totally adjustable) and bolted up the rear legs. The rear legs are at a two degree outward angle. When they deploy they stabilize your trailer which helps eliminate side to side motion!

Next we ran the rear wiring harness to the spot in the front storage cabinet where we were going to mount the control box. The motors are all plug in and all the wires are labeled to where they go on the control box. No crimping wires or guessing where they go, a big plus in my book. The kit comes wired with a 60 amp fuse that hooks directly to your battery. It was the simplest wiring I have ever done. The hardest part was running the wiring harnesses down the frame to the control module. The extra wire we tied out of the way.

Now the cool part, we turned on the control box with a remote switch. Everything is remote controlled, so we stood inside the trailer and leveled it while walking around and pushing the control buttons to control the jacks. One more plus was that when we were hooking up to the trailer, we were able to adjust the pin height from the cab of the truck.

I have been using the system for a few months and I must say I enjoy just turning on the control box and leveling my toy hauler. The remote has good range and allows me, on a 40 foot toy hauler, to walk to all four corners and still works. Plus these are by far the fastest electric jacks I have seen. Some people have had concerns in the past that you can do frame damage with a system like this but as long as you only do one set of jacks at a time and use some common sense you wont have problems.

To get more information about this product go http://www.riecotitan.com/groundcontrol.html

Terry Gluckman

Click here to see a Ground Control Video

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