Ford Powerstroke 6.0L fuel pressure monitor and low pressure fix.

By: Jeff Stevenson

In recent months, owners of the Ford Powerstroke 6.0L diesel motor have been reporting fuel injector issues. Owning one myself, I decided it would be advantageous to look into a fuel pressure monitor. I already own an Edge CTS, and called Mark at Edge Products to see what I would need to add to my existing system. To add the fuel pressure monitor, we determined I needed the pressure sensor (p/n 98607), sensor input (p/n 98605), a fuel pressure adapter and high pressure fuel line. The adapter and fuel line I had to order separate, and ended up buying it from Strictly Diesel.

The installation is very simple, and took about an hour, most of which was removing parts to get to the fuel filter bowl. First, I removed the air cleaner. Next I removed the test port plug and added the adapter and installed the 30″ preassembled stainless steel braided Teflon fuel line from Strictly Diesel.

After that, I installed the plug and play pressure sensor to the fuel line. Next you simply plug the sensor wire harness in and add it to the EAS cable assembly.

Since I needed to configure the CTS to use the fuel pressure sensor with my laptop, I also decided to update my CTS to the newest version of software. Once updated and configured, I cycled the motor, and noted the idle fuel pressure was 52PSI, and when rev’d, the pressure would drop to 44PSI. Having read that pressure below 45PSI can damage the injectors, I ordered the “blue spring” kit from Ford.

Replacing the spring, requires most of the same steps to add the fuel pressure monitor. Accessing the fuel filter bowl, I pulled the old cover off, and removed the old spring and parts, and installed the new spring and parts.

Once all put back together, I cycled the ignition 3 times to prime the system before I cranked the motor over. With the new kit, I have an idle pressure of 68PSI, and rev’d pressure well above 45PSI.

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Excellent write up, thanks for the info!

[…] I'm running an EDGE Insight monitor at the moment. I'm pretty sure it montiors all those params as-is, except fuel pressure. Good call, that's a pretty worth-wild param to monitor, and adding the probe doesn't look to be that hard at all. I'm adding an EGT probe with this rebuild anyway, so may as well while I'm at it! Found a decent guide here: Ford Powerstroke 6.0L fuel pressure monitor and low pressure fix. | Toy Hauler Adventures […]

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