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Ever went to hop on your street bike or a drive in the car and it was dirty? You want to wash it but time is an issue or you just don’t feel like breaking out the water hose, bucket, car wash, towels and everything else involved in washing your vehicles. I came across a quick easy solution to this problem. Prolong WATERLESS WASH & SHINE  is a quick easy way to get your toys clean.

I have a special need for a product like this. The water at my river place is very hard and it is close to impossible to wash the water toys without leaving water marks. So when I saw this product I thought “I must give it a try”.  I broke out a Jet Ski that had just come off the water and it looked bad covered with water marks everywhere. I spayed on some of the Prolong and much to my surprise the spots were coming off with hardly any work at all. Another plus was that spray had a citrus smell and not some harsh cleaning odor to gag on. I read it had no petroleum distillates in it which I was happy about also. It left a nice shine on the ski and felt very smooth too, like it had just been waxed.


Next I went out to the car we had just driven across the desert. The front of the GMC had road grime and dead bugs all over it. I figured this would be a good test. Once again it worked great and it got the yellow bug debris off and made the car shine again. Pictures tell it all (click on pictures).  No water puddles to stand in no hoses to put away, my life was just made a little easier. This is another cleaner I will be adding to the toy hauler for  the toys while camping!!


I was really happy with the innovation and I will be using it on the boats every time they come out of the water from now on. This product is not going to work on those vehicles that are oxidized or have been sitting around for a long time. For the vehicles and toys that just need to a quick cleaning I highly recommend this product.

Just a quick note;  I saw a 17 ounce spray bottle of Water Less Wash & Shine on e-bay for $4 which is said to do 5 car washes (thats less then $1 a wash) and Prolong has 1 GAL WATERLESS WASH & SHINE refills on the website for $30. I am sure there is other good deals out there if you search around.

Prolong has been around since the early 1990’s and has many other products. So check out their website Prolong Super Lubricants® – THE ULTIMATE IN PROTECTION & PERFORMANCE®


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