2013 Heartland Cyclone 3010 Toy Hauler 5th.

Headlines — By on December 13, 2012 at 9:19 am

I realize this is just a sales video but it gives you a good look at this 2013 Heartland CY3010 Toy hauler.


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  • fcwatson says:

    I wouldn’t touch a Heartland product if you paid me. Just purchased their top of the line Big Horn. Have had over 30 warranty items within the first 3 months and the problems are still coming. Purchasing this new coach has been a nightmare. I was supposed to see my new coach come off the assembly line. They had already finished my coach by the time I arrived. I continued on the assembly line tour and was sick to my stomach with what I saw. I understand why my coach has so many problems. Buyer beware. Can’t and won’t recommend this company.

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