Mag-Hytec Transmission pan and Differential cover

On the continued mission to improve  my 1997 F-250 with the 7.3 liter Powerstroke diesel and with the hopes that it will last another 150,000 miles, while  pulling my boat and toy hauler to our favorite recreation spots. I was on the lookout for what would extend the life of my transmission.  The Ford E40D has had a history of being a weak point in the drive-train of the early fords thus it is a point of worry for me as I continue to put hard miles on this truck pulling a 15,000 lb toyhauler.  I contacted the guys with Mag-Hytec and talked to them about my situation.  We discussed the benefits that the Mag-Hytec extended capacity transmission pan as well as the extra capacity differential cover would offer for my truck.
  • Extended fluid capacity
    • 7.6 quarts for the E40D transmission,  at almost twice the capacity of the factory pan the additional fluid capacity coupled with machined aluminum cooling fins equals more efficient cooling
    • 3 quarts extra capacity in the differential – twice the factory capacity important when towing heavy trailers as the extra weight puts more stress and heat on the gears.
  • Magnetic drain plug.
    • Acts as a open filter trapping particulate metal from the wear and tear on gears and clutches reducing further damage to the components
    • Eases Maintenance and service  for draining
  • Pre-tapped 1/8” NPT ports for temperature senders
  • O-ring seating eliminating need for gaskets or sealants
  • Differential Dipstick
    • The dipstick is knurled for quick removal, the flat is marked low/high to check lube level and a magnet, which acts as an open filter is in the lower end.
  • All hardware included for installation is 303 Stainless Steel


Transmission life relative to Fluid Temps

Temp (ºF)


















Above 300, clutches and seals burn and transmission metals warp and distort.


Installation of the pan and cover is a simple process, Mag-Hytec includes everything you need as well as detailed instructions to make this  easy for any shade tree mechanic to do at home.  (I cheated for the transmission pan and used a lift at a local shop, due to a recent knee injury).  Not only does it  improve the look of your vehicle they perform as expected.  When pulling the boat I am seeing overall 10 degree temperature drop on my transmission temperatures. As you can see in the chart above 10 Degrees can significantly extend the life of the fluid and wear and tear on your transmission.   I look forward to the next trip out with the toyhauler to compare temperatures before and after the next time I pull the grade on my way to our favorite desert riding location.


To extend the life of your transmission and differentials give the guys at Mag-Hytec a call or check out their website  tell them Toyhauler Adventures sent you.

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