Dutchmen Voltage V3900 Review – Part 2

Dutchmen Voltage V3900 Review – Part 2


Part 1 of this review covered the Interior of the Voltage V3900. This second part will cover the garage, the exterior, and all its underlying components and specifications.

The Garage

Granted, this is my first trailer with a garage so I have nothing to compare it too but I can tell you this; if you don’t have a separate garage to store your toys you’re missing out. Although I understand the reason for not wanting a garage, lack of enough space to carry all the toys being #1; but if you can swing it, by all means Voltage Garagedo. The benefits of having a separate garage are mainly not having to unload your toys until your ready and keeping the oil & fuel smells out of the main living area. Another benefit is being able to split your living area into two separate rooms. This is great if your kids want to hangout and play video games in the garage while the adults enjoy adult beverages in the main living room undisturbed by the kids. In the long run it’s a personal preference of whether a garage is right for you.

The garage on the V3900 is 14’ 2″ long and 98” wide and the distance between the floor and the bottom bunk is 76”; just enough to load that UTV.  The beavertail sports a cavernous storage compartment that can fit all you tie downs and much more. The walls are covered by 2’ of diamond plate and my model came with an optional 2000 lb winch mounted within another storage compartment in the floor. There are 11 tie down points that are screwed into the frame with self-tappers and herein lies my first gripe. Although the literature claims they are rated at 2,500 lbs I would’ve preferred heavy duty bolts through the frame with nuts for more peace of mind instead.

A sliding glass door with a screen separates the garage from the living area. To the right of the slider is a flush mounted cabinet that houses the 19” Haier LCD TV, an automotive style in-dash stereo that controls the interior and exterior speakers, and a small shelf. Below that are hookups for a washer & dryer that full timers will surely appreciate.

Happy Jac TableAnother option that is highly recommended is the Happy-Jac Picnic table and dual bunk combo.  By day the Picnic table is perfect for 360 degree seating that utilizes the bed cushions as seats. At night the table and cushions convert into the lower bunk. To give you an idea of the size, on our last trip, six adults spent several hours comfortably playing dice around the table one evening. Across from the upper bunks are two cabinets that could be used for helmets and riding boots. Cooling is ducted through the ceiling and a Fantastic fan with thermostat and rain sensor is an option that’s worth having.

The last thing to say about the garage is the amount of windows it has which is plenty. Now this is good and bad depending on how you look at it. It’s good if you plan to use the garage to lounge in during the day since there is no camp facing windows in the living room. It’s bad if you plan on using the garage to mount anything on the wall because there is very little wall space.


The voltage V3900 advertised length is 42’7” but my tape measure puts it at an even 44’ to the point of the nose. The width is 102”. Its base dry weight is claimed to be 13,976 but with installed options mine weighed in at 14,734 as evidenced by the actual weight sticker near the front door. Nice touch Voltage!   Holding tanks Voltage Weight Stickerinclude fresh water at 162 gallons, Black at 48 gallons, and gray at 114; plenty for us boondockers and to my knowledge the first toy hauler who’s holding tanks equal the fresh water capacity! The generator fuel tank holds 20 gallons and the pump station tank holds 30. The fill caps, pump station, and control panel with gauge are on the left side opposite camp where they should be.

The trailer sits on twin 12” steel I-beams and the walls are aluminum framed with welded aluminum interior panels and laminated with a fiberglass gel coat outside. The underbelly is sealed with a galvanized sheet metal. An option I didn’t get was the all-weather package which includes R-40 floors and R-11 walls. The walk-on roof is fully trussed with 5” rafters and skinned with 3/8 plywood and a one piece EPDM rubber roof membrane.

Voltage Key PadThe main entry door unlocks by a keypad on the wall or by a key fob remote; a nice touch. All cargo doors have slam latches but each one is keyed differently. Having them all keyed alike would’ve been more convenient. The ramp door latches are also keyed. The aluminum ladder to the roof is removable and stores inside while traveling. I found it to be too flexible and a little unstable while climbing it. I would like to see a fold up ladder that stays attached to the trailer like my Weekend Warrior had.

Equipment includes 3 Lippert electric slide-outs with manual overrides, electric front pull-pin snap jacks, rear electric stabilizer jacks, and a 20’ electric awning. All of which can be operated by a remote control which I found to be very useful when leveling the trailer from the inside. As an option, the kitchen slide out has an exterior compartment that stores a 26” Haier LCD TV and the exterior speakers. Once I get around to hooking this up to a video source, I envision night time movies outside for the kids.

Voltage Front CapThe front cap has sculptured corners that give more clearance when jack knifing the truck, a plus for short bed trucks. It also has docking lights and a mirror to assist in hooking up. The front cargo compartment is spacious and houses an Onan 5500 watt gas generator on one side and enough room to hold up to six batteries on the other. Two 7.5 gallon propane tanks sit in their own storage compartments on either side of the trailer.

The main storage compartment passes through to the other side and is 49w X 22t X 60d on the camp side and includes tie down points in the corners, another nice touch. The left side of the compartment is a little Voltage Main Storagenarrower than other at 19w X 22t X 39d. Both sides have 10″ of additional dropped storage just inside the doors. Behind one of the walls, inside the storage compartment, the WFCO 100 amp converter/charger, water pump, and the 12 gallon water heater tank are mounted.

On the left side of the trailer, another storage compartment stores the fresh water connections, holding tank dump valves, Sani-T-Flush inlet, high pressure hose bib with hot and cold faucet, cable TV connections, and winterizing connections. I especially like being able to lock up the dump valves so they don’t get pulled accidentally.

In summary, the Voltage’s exterior has beautiful lines that complement the interior and is functionally ahead of most other toy haulers on the market. Its livability and wow factor are in my opinion, second to none. I urge you to give Voltage a look if you’re in the market for a high end Toy Hauler.

I’d appreciate your comments.


  • 14’ Garage
  • Happy Jac table and bunks
  • Remote control of electrical components
  • Slam latches
  • Keyless remote entry
  • Unit weighed at factory
  • Huge Fresh water and holding tanks
  • Large Storage compartment
  • Dump valves behind a lockable door


  • Tie down mounting screws instead of bolts
  • All slam latches not keyed alike
  • Aluminum ladder

Click Me for my Voltage Picture Album

Voltage Left Rear

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Don (Quick Sand) says:

Our V3900 came with one key that fits the back side door and all of the hatches and then seperate keys for the front door and rear cago door. It is back at the dealer right now getting a few things fixed but we just love it. When at the dealer I went into a Fuzion 398 which I almost bought had I not gone to the Sand Show and seen the Voltage and now I like my Voltage even more. You look like you are all set up as we are and we even have the same coffee pot. Can’t wait to get it back to Pismo.

Don says:


Please email me – we are considering a Voltage 3900 but reading a lot of horror stories and want some honest feedback from from someone who owns and uses one. [email protected]


Bob says:

I am a 2011 Voltage owner, we bought it new on Nov 30, 2010, towed it 5 miles to an RV campground where we stayed full time until February of this year when we closed on our new home. We love the comfort and features of the Voltage. BUT, it was towed back to the dealer (now a total of 10 miles on it) to have plumbing leaks, slide leaks, heater ducts, and slide motor issues fixed. After waiting months for the special order parts, I was told it was just a wiring issue and all fixed. Now it’s July, so we go camping for a weekend, and have to physically push the bedroom and livingroom slides out and back in again at the end of the weekend. Also, it was a 95* weekend and we had NO A/C all weekend. At this point, the camper has about 100 miles on it. And back to the dealer it went where as of mid September it is still sitting after having the #1 slide motor replaced, then while still at the dealer, the #2 slide motor went bad. Now Dutchmen wants to take the camper from Florida to their facility in Illinois to diagnose these issues and tear apart the whole thing and re-build it from top to bottom.
Long, aggravating story, short, we have owned this Voltage for 10 months, used it for 2 1/2 months and it’s been in for repairs since. We’ll be lucky to have it back within the next 2 months. I have asked Dutchmen to take back their “lemon”, and allow us to purchase an RV that we can actually use.
Anybody want to buy a beautiful almost new 2011 Dutchmen Voltage 3900? We will be willing to sell even after Dutchmen is done doing whatever they have to do to fix our unit

james says:

I also have 2012 3905 and I’m having slide issues—my dealer has fixed it several times and m about to use the lemon law on them and see wat happens…so how is yours goin now

Cory himel says:

Wow I am having the same problems and sent back to factory and then they came to my house and now having more problems the saga never ends one big lemon ….

Lisa says:

Feel your pain have had a Dutchman Voltage for 11 months and it has been in for repairs for 8 months and 2 different repair shops and Dutchman could care less. Our gas tank keeps pouring out orange gas whether its brand new gas or old, if its been in the tank for 24 hours it comes out orange for the first quart or so. We are very concerned something may be breaking down in the gas system and we’ll be sitting nest to a camp fire when it decides to give loose. Dutchman has no idea what the problem is and could care less. We even were willing to just have them extend the warranty so that if something happens or the orange gas damages the generator, or anything else for that matter, that we will be covered since they have no idea what the problems is. Nope they just plain do not care! Disgusting!

Justin Williamson says:

We have a 3305 2015. Bought it new loved the style interior etc. Never owned 5th wheel/camper. I am a finished carpenter and love the interior finishes. That’s the end of the compliments. First time went out almost got a divorce. Numerous “little problems” but wife noticed something in wall paper and it’s been downhill from there. Within a month every window is delaminating. Black water pipe won’t empty but streams out. And the “little problems” are a full time job. Lucky I’m a carpenter. Had it for about 4 months rest of time in shop. Dutchmen wants to take off top like a sardine can and put new top on. With same inferior windows. Plus mold spores are growing my wife is pregnant and we have to small ones. We are all stuffed up and headaches every morning in that death trap. We need to start a class a section lawsuit.

Don’t buy a Voltage, buy a Cyclone.We bought the voltage and its a piece of junk.We have had so many problems with our trailer and no compensation for our troubles from anyone.We bought ours from Bishes in Idaho, so naturally when we had problems we took it there to be worked on.Thats a joke also, if there’s a Bishes in your area, don’t buy a trailer from them.When we took it to have warranty work done, they had our trailer for 4 days, it was supposed to take 1.We live in the trailer so we had to stay in a motel during that time.When they finally told us we could pick it up, we found out all the work wasn’t sone.Not only that, but the tech had broke a part they were going to have to order, so we would have to bring it back.Five months later they called and said the part was in, but it would be another month before they could work on it and it would take 4 or 5 days again to remedy the issues.Bishes blamed it on the factory.I got the customer service number at the factory and called to find out why it took 5 months to get the part.Come to find out Bishes had had the part for most of the 5 months.I finally was so angry I told them to just send the part in the mail and I would fix the trailer myself.All they care about is taking your money, both places.They don’t care about customer satisfaction.Theres only a year warranty, so you better check the trailer over with a fine tooth comb.Thats if you decide to buy one, I recommend you don’t.We hate ours, we feel like we got totally hosed.Feel free to give me a call if you would like to hear the specifics of what the problems have been.My name is Steve Lott, my number is 208-705-5330.

Tom Wiseman says:

I agree with Scott Lott, We have been having slide out problems with our 2013 Voltage 3905 since day 1. Bish’s told me they replaced all the motor with a new improved motors. Come to find out the paper work said the replaced motor on one slide out (not all) and the inventory list showed they ordered 2 motors. Since then I have had to tear the whole Schwintek Lippert in wall gears and tracks out myself and found the motor that is really hard to get to because of cabinets, they never replaced it. I guess Lippert has made several design changes since mine, waiting for new parts to see now but what a lemon we got stuck with as far as slide outs.



Marc Hauser says:

As most of you who are reading this post do know, there are always (2) sides to every story…

In response to “William Ritt” who’s comments led to this response:

#1. Mr Ritt purchased his unit from reputable SoCal Dealer who on several occasions tried to satisfy his needs.

#2. Mr Ritt states that his A/C unit does not work properly, although the Dealer did test his units (and compared to other units at the Dealership under the same climate circumstances) and found that they are working properly per Dometic Specifications (test results can be shared with anyone interested).

#3. Unit was returned to Dutchmen Mfg for “goodwill” service, including adding several “2012″ upgrades to the unit (which Mr Ritt failed to post)

#4. Dealer offered to add 3rd A/C unit to his garage at no charge (out of goodwill), which was declined by customer. Customer’s only response was “I want a full refund”; this after using the unit for almost a full year with Family, clients, etc…

Again, as most of you know, there are always two sides to every story…Dutchmen has delivered over 1,000 Voltage units this year, and very few of those “Happy Campers” ever leave a post on these sites…Kevin and the guys at Toyhauler Adventures have always been a FAIR source of information regarding all of the brands, and have always been out front in passing along my information to our customers who may be having issues…

I will be glad to answer any questions regarding our products, such as changes, new floorplans, new vendors, etc…As many of you know, I am very accesible and will do everything possible to help resolve any issues and answer questions regarding this great product…

Marc Hauser
District Sales Manager
Dutchmen Mfg
Cell: (574) 312-9244
[email protected]



lynelle says:

You are unprofessional. I have a 2013 voltage 3950 camper from hell .I have ownes it for about 5 months it has been in the shop for 2 months. I have more problems now then when I started. The funny part is sounds like I’m not the only one. It clear dutchmen needs to make things right. Looks like I need to hire a lawer to help dutchman see the light and that is sad. WAKE UP ! hire people that have a brain . Your employees suck at building. Its not the customers falt you built poorly. The customers are the ones that make your job possible. I can turn this. Camper into one big billboard to warn others of the hazzards of buying a dutchmen. Dutchman sucks at customer service.list of problems shower still leaking and screws ate rusting. .slide screws breaking off. Front corner had been damaged and repaired poorly now leaking. The floor in the bedroom has came loose and is sticking up under the carpet. This unit has NEVER auto leveled. The unit creeks all the time. The roof is not glued properly. Stairs rusting. Window treatment not even close to strait and lots more listing all this stuff is just making me mad so understand there is problems with dutchmen making things right. So just say No and save yourself from a hassle.

Lisa says:

Well sorry I never got any good will from Dutchman so I’m inclined to believe Mr Ritt.

Rick says:

I’ve had several little problems with my 3900. We use it every week at our RV lot, more less my second home. Next time around I just wish you could just send me necessary parts. Most repaire shops suck for a lack of better words. Most of the time they also want to keep it for weeks. I’m fighting with a small leak on my bedroom slider. Next week im going to install a slider awning maybe it will help. Today I found a small hole on top rubber seal and the bottom slide rail was missing screws, had to be since new. Anyway nice trailer all in all. I bought it new at the end of 2010 it’s a 2011. The garages really do need the
Third AC maybe my ext project

J Hamblen says:

There may be two sides to every story but there is more than two Voltage complaints going on. We have had nothing but issues with slide. Dealership took forever to fix but then it never was fixed. Dutchmen told me ey can’t control The dealer who was doing our warranty work!?!
We have a 2013 Voltge and it is pretty but pretty junky! Would not recommend.

Tom Wiseman says:

I have the old Lippet Schwintek in wall system and we have been fighting these 3 slide outs for 5 years now. I am in the process of rebuilding one now, its about a grand to do the small slide out, more for the triple rack slide outs.
If your sincere Mr Hauser, I will let you refund me for the new Lippert parts, come over and re-build them or better yet I will sell you my Voltage. Bish’s does not want it, I’ve been a customer there for about 9-10 years, but they don’t care they told me to sell it myself and then come buy something that we don’t have to fight and sink money into fixing slide outs. I know you are doing your job, hopefully things are better now that Dutchmen ditched this trailer to Keystone. Smart move by Dutchmen and hopefully Keystone has made this cool looking toy hauler functional. I know I am venting a bit, and the trailer is nice once you get it set up, but when your spending that kinda money things should work.

Kevin McKenzie says:

Don, thanks for the comments.

Keep me updated on your Pismo trip via rv.net or dunechasers


Kevin McKenzie says:

Dont have a pic but there is a compartment in the floor just in front of the slider. Its covered by a trap door that is flush with the floor. The kit includes a pully that slides into a notch in the floor to keep the cable from draging on the floor. Hope this helps

Denise says:

Would you recommend that the Voltage 3905 (40′), be pulled with a Dodge 1 ton – non dully?



Kevin McKenzie says:

The SRW and DRW have about the same tow capacity but the DRW can handle considerably more pin weight and will tow much better stability wise than the SRW. After two blowouts in my SRW F250 I went to a dually and never looked back.

Chris says:

What is a recommended hitch to haul this? Would a 18,000 be enough?

Chris says:

Thanks Kevin, went with the curt 20k but not the slider unit, seems to be pretty good

Denise says:

Hi Everyone

We just purchased the Voltage 3905 at Holman’s RV in Ohio, and drove it all the way back to Calgary, Alberta. Unfortunately the weather was still cool – mostly 9c and 1c in South Dakota, and although we were able to use it on the way back, we can’t wait to try out this unit this summer. We are hoping this is our future retirement home in the winter down in the states. 🙂

If anyone has any questions about importing from the states, please feel to ask us questions, if that is okay with you Kevin.

Angie says:

could you tell me a ballpark figure of what you paid? I’ve been jostling back and forth between the cyclone and the voltage and the voltage 3905 is the one I’m leaning towards. We’re in Canada too and will drive the distance to get one for a good price. 😉

Ivy Walter says:

I have a voltage 3950 for sale if your interested [email protected]

Tresa Walker says:

What problems have you had and why are you selling?

Ivy Walter says:

I had problems with the slide outs but once it was rectified by the dealer it’s been fine ever since. This is our first toyhauler and we find that it just doesn’t meet the needs for out family so we just want to go back to a regular 5th wheel.

It was 20k cheaper in the states than anywhere in Alberta. Sorry it took so long to reply, I have not checked this site in a while. 🙁

Bernadette says:

the price differential is amazing, isnt it! especially when currency is hovering at parity. How has your unit been? Have you had any major issues?

Mike says:

Hi Denise,

I am also from Calgary and am seriously considering buying a Voltage toy hauler from Holman’s RV. Where have you been getting your service work done? Have you had any trouble getting warrenty work done near Calgary?

Tim says:

I’m really interested in the Voltage, but am having a hard time deciding between a Cyclone or Voltage. Are you having any issues with you Schwintek slideout system? Have you been in freezing temps? And if so, how is the unsulation on the Voltage? They report the R-values really high and I’m skeptical. How is the construction? Is there anything you’ve found to be cheaply made or found any shortcuts in manufacturing? I’m looking for a TH to fulltime in (and will be in Northeast winters and Southwest summers)so the above are major concerns for me. Thanks!

I’ve learned that the Schwintek can be a little tempermental but when adjusted right it works fine. Your dealer should be able to adjust it.

I live in Central Cal so have not and probably wont ever camp in freezing temps. I have read that even with the upgraded insulation the area near the slides still get cold because the floor of the slides are not insulated. I believe the Cyclone is built the same way.

Tim says:

The literature on Voltage specifically states that the slide floor have a R value of 24. I spoke with the Western Region Head of Sales the other day and he confirmed that number is correct. Cyclone also states that their slide out floors are insulated, but don’t claim a R value of 24 (don’t remember what number they actually claim). I’m very interested in the Voltage, but since they are so new I’m just waiting to hear how these things hold up not only in cold weather, but generally speaking.

Bob says:

I have used mine in cold/freezing temps, the worst issue for cooler temps is the chill coming off the windows. Get the thermo windows option for better heating/cooling.

Bob says:

I have owned a 2012 votage toy hauler that i bought brand new from the factory and i have had nothing but trouble with it.

I have been around motor homes and rv,s since the mid 80 s.
I have never owned a unit that i have so much problems with.
Iam checking into the lemon law also.

I have the unit @ camping world where i bought it and they will not fix the items under warrenty because dutchmen has refused to honor there warrenty.


I will see both camping world and DUTCHMEN IN COURT.

Dont make the mistake and buy a Voltage toy hauler.

Cory himel says:

Bob what ever happen to your voltage what kind of problems were you having?

Rick says:

Bob, please help me understand. I have a 2011 3900. What is it you can’t get fixed? Is it major or little things?



misti says:

my husband and I purchased a 3900 voltage three months ago and have had no end of problems from it. all four drawers in the bedroom came apart. the nightstand soon followed. the bed was sagging because they left out a foot wide section of plywood. the central vac system does not work there was a short with our lighting. a front jack has broken. the biggest issue however was that our bedroom slide leaks. wthe dealer replaced the seals but it still leaks. be very wary of this unit. looks can be deceiving.

Tim says:

I’ve read a few stories like yours and to give Voltage the benefit of the doubt, with any new design or product there will be a certain amount of time it will take to get the bugs worked out of the production process. I guess I’ll have to keep researching people’s experiences with Voltage and see if more people are having issues than not. The Voltage looks great, and all construction specs look pretty good, but I still am not sure if it’s built as well as they claim. I guess time will tell. Thanks for posting your story.

Nancy says:

My husband and I agree with you Tim. We’ve looked at the Voltage and like what we see, but have been told several times to wait and let them work the bugs out of the new products for a few years before we buy. From most of the posts, it looks like that was very smart advice.

Bob says:

I feel your pain I own a 2012 voltage toy hauler and it looks to me like a bunch of school children put it together.

Tim says:

The reason why I specifically ask about how the Voltage does in cold weather is because my wife and I are fulltimers and will be spending some time in the Northeast during winter, so this is very important to me. The claims of the crazy high R values seems to good to be true, especially after reading how it insulated. I just don’t see how those numbers can be accurate, but of course I could be wrong. And any RV seems to hold up when its stationary, but we will be traveling cross country many times over, and this is the true test of how well a unit is built. Doesn’t sound like many people have had their Voltages long enough to use it extensively and actually take it of several long trips. Again, I guess time will tell.

Dave says:


My wife and I took our Voltage on a trip last month from Denver to Laughlin NV. On the way camping in 28 degree lows. When we got to Laughlin it was 98 degree highs. From there we went to Death Valley, it was 110 degrees on the valley floor. Our Voltage was comfortable throughout. The Dometico system kept the inside great when needed. The insulation made the heat a non issue in Death Valley. We left the system off until the evening when I turned on the AC just to cool it down. Pretty easy to stay comfortable – for a trailer.

Dave – Denver CO.

Sheryl- Denver says:

Dave, it has been a little while since your post are you still happy with the Voltage?

James says:

we are full timers in a 2012 Voltage 3905, and I pulled the floor down and put extra insulatiin it. much better now that I made a few adjustments.. Also have had a few problems getting things fixed, so I fixed them myself..

Denise Schreiner says:


I would suggest you get the Voltage that has duel pane windows, which is not a very common option in the states. We did feel the drafts coming in from the windows in our unit when the weather was below 10c.

We have also left the sides in during the night when the weather is colder.

I don’t think you will find a better constructed toy hauler than the voltage, as my husband did his research, before he decided this was the best on the market.

Denise – Alberta, Canada

Bernadette says:

Are you still loving your hauler? We are in Calgary AB and are seriously looking at buying a Voltage in the next month from the states. have you had any warranty or general quality issues? Thanks!

Randi Quintana says:

We have the 3905 Voltage and have a BAD oil smell coming from under the kitchen sink. We have tried everything to get rid of it but nothing seems to work. Does anybody else have this problem? (We vent properly its just so strong when the cabinets are opened and stink up everything under there) 🙁

Kevin McKenzie says:

I cant think of any oil source near the kitchen sink. There maybe fuel lines running underneath. I would remove the belly cover and look for leaks or bring it to dealer and complain.

Randi, I know what the issue is. Nothing serious. It’s not a leak… It’s actually a coating on the outside of the sink. I’ll help you address it. Email me directly at [email protected]

Nate Goldenberg
General Manager
Dutchmen Mfg. – Voltage

Bob says:

I have my 2012 Voltage toyhauler @ camping world in st augastine FL and Dutchmen has refused to fix the issuse that are wrong with it.

My big issue is the generator the generator has not worked right since the day it was installed.

I talked with MEL @ Dutchmen and he told they do not warrenty generators because that is an option.

The generator was put in by dutchmen not ONAN.

As i have said in other e-mails the next time i purchase an RV IT WILL NOT BE FROM DUTCHMEN.

ShawnKK says:

Bob, I too am in St Augustine and looking at the Voltage. Can you email me so I can get info from you? I went up there this last Sat and we were cooked in the heat at CW. I am not very happy with CW at this point. The sales guy even told me he knew nothing about the Voltage. What a waste!

Tom Dzarnowski says:

Remove doors on cabnet next to sink and you’ll see a check valve on pipe from sink ,its hung up remove it and clean or spray some lub on diafram mine did the same.

I am a recent disabled vet of the current gulf war. I damaged my branin and spinal cord in a combat vehicle in Iraq. I currently have a 2006 40ft cardinal. I and my wife at the time purchased property near the gun smith school in troy nc, I wanted to show my children that no matter what life throughs at you you can move on (challenges to adversity) last year I gues sinse i was only home on the week ends My wife called me up on a monday after school and said that she wanted a divorce and wanted to be out of the house in a week! I later found out that she had planed this even before I went to school. by opening her own checking and saving acct, and taking the money that was ment for my care and putting in her accts. I know you must think I am a bad person for someone to do me this way However I KNow I cannot walk b ut I did my best to be less a burden than before I was injured. The fifth wheeel I have now is fully under pinned And has five holdind tanks IT is in my ex wife name as well as mine. I was inquireing because I would like to be able to tell my wife she can just have every thing house camper everythingelse she caried off. and be able to Have a bath I can sit in and shower, and then set up my gun smith shop in the toy box aera, And travel arround helping other vets with their reloading hunting rifles etc. and If I can do that and not loose to much money I believe I could have a rewarding life again, where I felt like I was worth something. I do not have a truck to tow at the present because I was worried about spending to much at school. so I sold my dodge and my duramax untill school was over to help save money and the whole time she was taking my money and putting up in her accts. I am guessing around 55 to 60 thousand dollars. I have pulled my current camper with a good diesel and got a whole lot more fuel milage, and at the same time passed these 700hundred thousand pushers like they were standing still. Thank you for your time and any suggestions I would be gratefull. Thank you CPL Denver Jones US army Retired
[email protected]

Scott G says:

We have had a few issues with our 3200 and am wondering if anyone is experiencing the same things? Used the heater for the first time this weekend and have a strong chemical smell and the bathroom floors are scorching hot! Also smell propane and discovered one of the regulators on the tank leaking. And a strong sewer smell from the bathroom vent.
Had a few minor issues repaired earlier this year but overall have been very pleased with this toyhauler!

Ken says:

Love my 2012 Voltage 3950, I was a little scared after reading the post’s on this page but we have been problem free. Dry camped a for three days ran the gen. 49hrs and used 17.6 gal. of gas with no problem. We had 30 mile hour wind and cold. The camper stayed warm and draft free. If i had one complaint it would be cabnet space. Other than that we like the Voltage.

mike shield says:

im fixin to buy 2013 3950, are u still happy with yours, and problem free

Nancy says:

Where do you put your towels for the bathroom? Also, with the island in the kitchen, do you still feel you have enough space in the living room? We were concerned it might feel a little cramped.

Ezekiel says:

Does anyone know if the holding tanks are enclosed and heated on the Voltage with the all weather package?


Bob says:

I have a 2012 Voltage toy hauler bought directly from the factory to camping world in FL and I have it in the shop for these issues of heaters and switches not being installed.
There is a place for the tank heater switches but DUTCHMEN NEVER INSTALLED THEM WHEN THE UNIT WAS BUILT.

I have the unit in for service right now and Dutchmen has told me that tank heaters are an option that camping world has told is going to cost me almost 2000 bucks to install.

They have the sticker on the unit just before you walk in the door of the RV ALL WEATHER PACKAGE.

Dutchmen is full of crap and I will never EVER buy anything that is made by dutchmen again.

Marc Hauser says:


The 12V Tank Heaters you describe are an “optional” item that can be ordered on any unit we build, but WILL NOT be installed unless the Dealer/Customer requests them (and pays an additional charge for the option); we do not offer the tank heaters as a “standard” item, as over 1/2 of our clients do live/use the Toy Haulers in warmer climates, and the tanks heaters are not a necessity…

As far as our “All Weather Package”, here are some facts:
R-40 Insullation in Roof
R-40 Insullation in Floor
R-24 Insullation in Slide-Out Floors
R-11 Insullation in Walls
40K BTU Furnace as STANDARD equipmnt
Dual Pane Windows (OPTIONAL)
Fully Heated “Basement”

Please compare these features to ANY Toy Hauler in the market, I am sure you will see that the Voltage is superior…Again, if any Voltage Owner has any questions, please feel free to contact me direct…

Marc Hauser
THOR/Dutchmen Mfg
Office: (801) 770-4733
[email protected]

Hello Mark,

I just wanted everyone to know that we have a 2011 voltage 3950 and we love it. It has been all over the west coast from Nevada California,and Oregon. We take it to the dunes for several weeks out of the year and it has been awesome. As with any trailer there are some minor problems that require some service loose screws from traveling down the road and some general maintenance just like our cars we drive but all in all we love it. My in laws are looking at buying one now since they have been in ours a few times and call it the Taj Mahal .

Thank you,

Jeff in Chico, Ca

Cindy says:

camping world sucks

Rick says:

I love my voltage 3900. I had a leake at the front door , just ran the kitchen slide in and out and no more leaks. The heat is great. I tossed the queen bed in front and bought a real one from a local bedding store. I wish I could convert my generator to propane I’m concerned the gasoline will go bad because I don’t use the generator very much. I do run it some.

Tom Dzarnowski says:

Your so lucky that your slides work !!!!!!!!!

Bob says:

Rick I have my 2012 toyhauler in the shop right now for the generator not working correctly,
My generator has never worked right since the day it was installed.

This is the second time it has been in the shop in 8 months of owning it.
DUTCHMEN has told me they will not warrenty because the gas is old.

I have been around generators all my life and have a generator in my garage that i might start every six months 1 or 2 pulls and the generator starts right up.

I could not agree with you more the generator should be supplied by propane and not gas because now DUTHMEN HAS AN EXCUSE WHY THEY WILL NOT WARRENTY THERE CRAP THEY SELL.

Bob says:


Dutchmen will not stand behind there product and warrenty items that should be under warrenty.

Tom Dzarnowski says:

Amen I’ve had trouble from the first time out,DUTCHMEN BUILDS CRAP DO NOT BUY A DUTCHMEN VOLTAGE TOYHAULER,

PTF says:

Owning our second Voltage. So far we love it. There have been some minor issues, but just like building/buying a new house, they are not perfect and you have to finish off some of the little stuff yourself. No trailer is comfy until you do some customizing.
Solid frame, lots of space, lots of capacity – fuel, water, etc, more than anything else out there. I was reluctant to give yup my Weekend, but I am glad that I did.
2012 3905, going to add the air box hitch

Bobby says:

The wife and I are planning on buying a Voltage t/h in the next year or so. We haven’t settled on a model yet, but are steering towards a 3800. Voltage is the on t/h that I can stand up in in the bedroom. At 6’4″, its hard to find a tall bedroom.

After reading Bob’s posts, he just sound like an angry young man.

Lisa says:

Trust me Bob is not an angry young man. My husband and I bought a Voltage 3005 in June of 2012,it has been in for repairs for everything from broken screws, gas tank issues, slideout issues, the exterior coating chipping, and on and on, we have not been able to use our camper since November of 2012, its been from dealer to dealer and is now at Dutchman manufacturing in Indiana, where it has been for 6 weeks and still here we sit. So out of 16 months we were able to use our camper for 4 of them. You want to talk “angry” now?

Mark says:

We just bought a 3800 Voltage on June 28 2012. Here’s what’s happening so far. Bedroom slide is leaking badly. While trying to find out where leak is coming from. Discovered daylight showing on top and bottom off slide frame. Between slide frame and trailer frame. Exterior walk in door for living area has daylight showing at floor level and big gap between door frame and trailer frame. Emergency window at couch is barely on seal. Not big time leaking, but is weeping. First window on left hand side of unit going into garage from living area. Is leaking bad. When unit is on front jacks only. The ramp door opens and closes easily without rubbing of any kind. Put down 6 jacks in a proper levelled position according to a level. You have to pull with all your might to get ramp door open and slam as hard as you can to get it closed. What is causing misalignment when unit levelled for camping? Not even going to start in on the damaged doors, unfinished wood work, nails and staples showing every where. That were found during pdi that dealer is in process of trying to get replaced. Already have been warned of a possible lengthly process from Thor/Dutchmen. Every unit we looked at had same finishing practices. So far the unit has only travelled from dealer to driveway. Now nervous to load it up and actually do what it was suppose to have been built to do. Waiting to see what manufactuer’s response is going to be. Love design. If builder will stand behind product great. If not, well thats what pictures, internet, and court system is for. Hopefully not neccessary though. Heres your chance to step up to the plate Mr Hauser. Dealing with new products there is always some growing pains. It’s the way the pain is reduced that brings better business.

Marc Hauser says:

Just saw your post, but have not been contacted by you or the Dealer yet??? Please call/email me your information and I will be glad to get involved right away…

Marc Hauser
THOR/Dutchmen Mfg
Office: (801) 770-4733
Cell: (574) 312-9244
[email protected]

Mike says:

Marc Hauser
I wish you would do something about all the problems that Dutchmen toy haulers have.
We had our gray water valve leak three times and it still leaks after having it mix by your Dutchmen dealer.
Layzee Acres repair it three times and still leaks.
I think you need better repair shops and someone that knows what to do right the first time.
The other posts I think they are right,kids make these trailer.
Any person in business would not make trailers like this,buy and repair daily!!!!!!!!!!
For the money you pay it is not worth it!!!!!!!!!!

Dave says:

hey mike
Can you contact me about layzee acres?
I am thinkingof buying amvoltage from them.
Would like your input.


Ron says:

I am considering the Voltage for my family. We will only be using the garage for golf cart and occasional quad on hunting trips. Seems to lack storage in garage room but other than that looks beautiful The only other camper I am considering is the open range. Any recommendations. This site gets met very nervous buying a Voltage Thanks for any comments or suggestions.

Marc Hauser says:


I understand that reading posts/blogs regarding any products can be mind-numbing sometimes…Please do not hesitate to call/email me anytime to get a list of at least a dozen Voltage Owners that you may contact who absolutely LOVE their units (but never think about “blogging” on these websites)…They would be glad to talk to you regarding their units, and will give you a firsthand look at what they like/dislike about their units..

Look forward to hearing from you,

Marc Hauser
THOR/Dutchmen Mfg
Office: (801) 770-4733
[email protected]

Tom Dzarnowski says:

Marc, did you say a dozen,well what about the rest of us,my slide was worked on and the problem was and is still there, now the bed room slide is starting to act up (not closing on one side) who is going to fix this junk after the warrt. is up,I have my camper up for sale but now I can’t even sell it until bedroom slide gets fixed, $70,000.00 of junk…

Marv says:


I just purchased a 2012 Dutchmen Voltage. I cannot figure out how to
turn the AC up in the garage. It’s barely coming out. How can I adjust it?
I need it to blow out stronger.

Daryl says:

I thought it was funny someone decided not to buy perhaps the best built toy hauler because of a blog by an obviously less than educated “angry’s” embellished experience. I can only imagine this koo koo demanding repairs in the shop. It’s funny to read, probably not as funny to have to deal with that half baked nitwit. We own an American Coach Tradition and are considering purchasing a toy hauler with similar options, appointments and quality. It looks like the Voltage is the closest we’ve found and considering it’s nearly $500,000 less Dutchmen/Thor should be congratulated on engineering and manufacturing such a high quality product. I also bet Marc would much rather utilize his time speaking with happy campers by fixing any real problem rather than deal with angry people who threaten to use blogs or courts before they even make a valid attempt to fix a warranty issue. C’mon people, let’s be real here. I’ve researched every product in the luxury toy hauler genre just like we did before purchasing the Coach and every product has about a 4% wash rate of koo koos or “can’t like anything in lifers” so you can take my advice with a grain of salt or read all the product blogs and see for yourselves.

Kevin McKenzie says:

You make several valid points Daryl. Marc above also alluded to the fact that usually only the dissatisfied complain and one could mistakenly assume that everyone must be unhappy and that is a shame.

By contrast, here is a thread on RV.net where quite a few positive remarks are made: http://www.rv.net/forum/index.cfm/fuseaction/thread/tid/26152717.cfm

You can also take a look at my Voltage Toy Hauler Facebook page where many satisfied customers discuss their trailer.

I’ll be the first to admit that no trailer designed to bring a garage full of toys and travel off-road is unbreakable but in my experience the Voltage is better than most. (I’ve owned several WW’s).

And what also makes a hauler worth looking at is the after sale service. I am aware of several instances where Marc and the Dutchmen crew have stepped up and addressed them and turned a bad situation into a good one. So we shouldn’t belittle those that have real issues. Without them, the product won’t improve.

Thanks for your comment

Mark says:

Sorry it has taken so long to get back to the post Mr. Hauser. I also thank you for your comment. I will be contacting you via your office so we can work out these issues. As stated we love this design. If manufacture stands behind it to iron out the bugs. These will be unbeatable units. Again thank you!

JAY says:

I have a question about the fuel station and generator fuel caps….which one is for the generator??? I believe it is the rear fill. Thank you for any clarification.

Linda White says:

We JUST purchased our Voltage V3800 (2013). We purchased from General RV and even though we have not even taken delivery yet, I feel VERY confident that IF we have any issues our dealer will assist us in any way shape or form should we have any issues. Dan from Dutchmen was actually at the dealership and was beyond helpful and very honest even explaining which options we did not need to meet our camping style and which we would end up being glad we did. Those are all personal decisions that will be different for each camper. My first predelivery walk through is in 2 days, I am extremely picky and have warned them, including Dan from Dutchmen that I will want the unit as near perfect as possible when I take delivery. Both General RV and Dan assured me they will go out of their way to satisfiy me and I DO believe them. That said, I have told them about the issues we read about on this and any other website. We have been assured by both parties that they will put our unit through the ringer before I do and allow me all the time I want to do the same. They also assured me any issues I may find will be promptly addressed and I believe them. Will be letting you all know if all the things you moaned about have been corrected in this new model year RV. If not it sure sounded to me as Dutchmen will replace parts or issues on their items, and regarding the physical work being done, it takes a GOOD quality mechanic to fix your car and I am certain the same will be true on the RV. General RV has trained mechanics and I will have no problem putting them to the test, asking to see their skill level for any repair and be certain I have the best mechanic there doing the work. Since over half of you with complaints bought from the same chain…. I see a pattern that I have already avoided. Who works at the dealership and how happy they are or are not in the work place makes a really big difference. I found a way to peak into the garages to see what the employees were doing there and hung out by the service writers desk to see how the customers were being handled, no matter which manufacturer their unit came from. From what I saw I should not have anything to worry about. The employees all seem to be happy in the work place, skilled so they are not being micromanaged, and they roll out the red carpet for you no matter how difficult you may have been.
I built 3 homes and it is the same with them. If the general contractors hire good people, treat them well and take the time to assist you at every part of your purchase you will be happy in the end. Remember none of us walk on water, but if we treat each other the way we want to be treated and all do our homework 99 out of 100 times you will have a very positive experience. So far this has been one of the top places I have done any type of business with to date, and I’m not an easy push over. I do my best to be fair and if I find them doing the same I cannot even remember being a bad experience any where.
If you have a great experience take the time to share those stories with everyone too, it’s only fair if you have no problem complaining when there is an issue leave compliments and props when things go very well too!

I am a VERY happy GENERAL RV customer, and can’t wait for our Voltage to be delivered and begin enjoying it with our families and friends!

Tom Dzarnowski says:

Well Linda I bought a 2013 3600 / Epic Package and from the first time we camped in it we had problems Shower leaking toilet not holding water window in main slide leaking and other smaller items ,but the worst and the one thats seems it’ll never get fixed is the slides, both of ours are giving us trouble main one leaks by stairs and after its in one side is tight and other side is about 1/4 inch from side of camper sometimes it comes in straight but the bottom never is tight to camper wall like the top,and I’m not talking about the very bottom I’m talking about the bottom of the wall of the slide,now the bedroom slide is starting to act up not coming in straight,have to run back out about 4-5 inches and then back in and we only used the camper 3 times. Of all the 5th wheel campers we had (3) and travel campers(4) with slides none of those ever gave us any slide problems,now after forking over 70,000.00 the most I’ve ever did for a camper the basic things like a slide going in and out and not leaking seem imposible,Marc Hauser you should send a slide Tech to my house and fix the slides,couple more months and warrt. is up then I guess you’ll have one less to hear from. Tom

Mark says:

Well we hauled our unit in July 28 to get all the leaks repaired. More showed up while it was sitting. Dealer stuck more dicor and silicone on. Picked unit up Aug 15. Thought we should at least try it to see if there are any more problems. Hauled out to a provincial park for a two week stay. As you can see it is Aug 25 and we’re back home. For some reason when the fridge is on propane it will not ignite every time for cool down. Even have both bottles open as dealer said to do. Yes both bottles are full! Cupboard above fridge seems to be getting excessively warm when fridge is burning for cool down. This is just a comparison from other units we’ve had. Might be the way it is suppose to be. Inside shower leaks water all over place. Between base and glass enclosure. Wife just about fell off main toilet. It is not mounted to floor. Seems like it might be sitting on sewer pipe instead. It is fairly wobbly. Did add some laughter to the day though. Furnace starts good and seems to heat unit well. After running for a minute or two. Makes funny noise. Not sure if it is a bearing or fan rubbing. There is a few other small minor problems that are showing up as well. As we stated before we like the design. BUT Dutchmen them selves don’t even seem to be acknowledging that the unit has this many problems. Dealer is very good though. What our are feelings? Well we are really starting to get nervous. Dealers can only do so much. We have yet to actually load the toys in and do the touring that these things are suppose to do. Right now our feelings are make bloody sure your dealer is top notch. A top quality full meal deal extended warranty is a MUST with Dutchmen products. Heres to good times to the folks who seem to have gotten a good one. Congrats.

Tom Dzarnowski says:

Any BODY wants a good deal on a 2013 3600 W/Epic Package loaded down Email me,I only used 3 times, email me at [email protected] its yours for 59,000.00…….

Larry says:

Darn I am thinking about buying a 2011 3900 from a person on here. Boy do I have a bunch of stuff to ask him. This a scary review to read before a purchace

Brandon says:

I just purchased a 2013 Voltage 3818 and all I can say is that its been a great trailer. I was a little worried after seeing some of the reviews but I purchased one anyways because it was the only one i could find with an 18ft garage. Dealer fixed a couple little things before I took delivery and couldn’t be happier. I was a little worried about towing a trailer loaded that was 19,000lbs but it tows straight as an arrow. Only done two trips in it, but as long as you have full charge on batteries or run the generator while operating slides and leveling jacks everything works great.

Kathleen says:

Brandon, My husband and I are considering a Voltage 3818. Wondering how yours is treating you? Or if there is anyone else that has a 3818, and what your experiences are? Hopeful that having another year under their belt has gotten rid of some of the bugs.


Brandon says:

I have used my 3818 about 6 or 7 times since May and have not had one single problem other than I don’t get to use it enough. The outside ladder isn’t that great, nor are the stock tires. Other than that, it’s been great. Maybe I got lucky but no problems here, knock on wood.

Phil Grove says:

Purchased a 2013 Voltage vt3800 in February. Lots of nit picky things wrong like the front air conditioner didn’t work and leaky faucets and showers. No problem the dealership fixed them. The fireplace has plastic controls. Guess what, they melted. My dealership can’t get Dutchman to respond. I took the trailer back in March to have fixed and this is the middle of June and still no response from Voltage. I think voltage is cranking these out to fast to catch the problems. Enough of these web sites start complaining sales will hurt.

Wendy Schuss says:

I bought The Voltage 3500 last year and have had a lot of problems also… The dealership seemed earnest in their pledge to help, but from 1000 miles away, it is impossible. Dutchmen has also been helpful on the phone, but really, It has been a frustrating trial with broken things. Pieces are falling apart.. I’ve had to repair the faucet.. (plastic Junk that everyone sells) I’ve had the toilet flood the bath and bedroom twice, the valve is bad, the generator hasn’t worked… we found a short in a wire, had it fixed, now theres something else… I’ve had it working for 1 whole hour. Something smells like sewer right now… god, I am dreading finding out where this mess is coming from, The rail for the front door is rusting away… the metal clearly hadn’t been prepared properly prior to paint.

Getting it to a shop has been eye-poppingly hard, traveling for hours with it, then find out they don’t actually work on them… Dutchmen reps sending me to places that were obviously not communicating with the Manufacturer.. In Dutchmens defense, they came up with a good solution..
Problem is that I don’t have my entire life to waste having repairmen coming by and doing the necessary repairs.
It is a beautiful camper and many things were built properly but really, I had far less issues with my old crappy camper than this beautiful thing..
Worth what I paid?
Eh.. I wonder if the cost was so low because they whammed them together real fast?
I would have paid more for peace of mind knowing I wouldn’t have to deal with a dozen headaches later…

Mark says:

Well heres our on going saga. We have a group deal to attend on aug 13. Started getting unit ready today. Loading up filling water and reading tanks for usage. Unit was winterized by dealer. With fresh water gauge only showing one third. Started getting water fall from under belly of unit. Not sure yet still have to get underneath it and open every thing up. But some how some way it appears that the fresh water tank has decided to leak while sitting. Had to put plug on drain line today to fill tank. Theres no way tank was left full over winter. First time this thing was to be used this year. Another trip that looks like it will be a wash. Thanks for the quality product dutchmen.

Mark says:

Well heres whats happening now. Due to tank not being plumbed right has caused whole low point area for drain of rear ward tank to be compromised. All cracks were plastic welded to solve problem until tank could be replaced. When they were filling tanks to check for leaks. The reward fresh water tank fell out of the frame literally. If this dosen’t have any thing to do with ducthmen’s building of unit i would be really surprised. Starting to think that ducthmen is an embrassment to USA. Stating that it is proudly built in USA. At one time that meant quality.

Mark says:

Well heres whats happening now. Due to tank not being plumbed right has caused whole low point area for drain of rear ward tank to be compromised. All cracks were plastic welded to solve problem until tank could be replaced. When they were filling tanks to check for leaks. The reward fresh water tank fell out of the frame literally. If this dosen’t have any thing to do with ducthmen’s building of unit i would be really surprised. Starting to think that ducthmen is an embrassment to USA. Stating that it is proudly built in USA. At one time that meant quality.

Ken says:

Time to jump in! I purchased a new 2012 Voltage 3200 close to 2 years ago. Since new, this thing has been an absolute LEMON. Gas tank full of welding rods and metal filings, mismatched tires, mouldings falling off, countless slide problems, invertor failure, plumbing leaks, ladder is garbage, decals peeling off, floor problems, window issues, holes in the rear cargo door area, convection failed twice, plug-ins pulling out of the wall, garbage coming out of the A/C vents and improper air flow ( lack of) from them, shower glass leaks, screws stuck in the grey water valves, sofa backrest issue, and on and on. Dutchmen has NO quality control. I found out they are working on possibly checking every third trailer, as warranty ( and most likely lawsuits) are killing them. There was a huge conferance call between dealers and Dutchmen on Aug 23. spilling this out. Mine has left for Dutchmen in Oregon, to get some major repairs done again on Sep 6/13. The above statement is very true–Dutchmen is an absolute embarrasement. I watched another Voltage drive past my backyard a few weeks ago, with the rubber roof blowing off!. The dealer got in a 2014 with the hot water heater just bolted in, and that’s all. No electrical, water lines, or propane line run to it!! And these are a “high end” toy hauler? NOT.

Dale says:

I don’t have a voltage but had a 2008 Cyclone 4012, it never gave me any problems except for one. It came with triple axles but they were only 6 lug with 15″ load range D tires. It constantly blew tires, empty not loaded, upgrading to load range E tires did nothing to help. After going round and round with Heartland about upgrading the tires, wheels and axles and doing a recall they finally told me they had done a recall. lol!! Instead of recalling the real problem and upgrading the axles they sent me a 25 cent sticker/decal changing the load rating of my axles to 5080lbs each so that a toyhauler that was once rated at 18,000gvw was now reduced to what it weighed with a full load of water, gas etc. but nothing in the toyhauler area. I went and purchased new 16″ wheels and Goodyear G614 load range G tires and never had another issue with my Cyclone, excellent toy hauler with a minor problem that “should” have been taken care of by the factory but they chose the very very cheapest way out they could and left a poor taste with me the consumer.

Mel says:

We had a 2012 3200 do not buy this trailer nothing but problems with it!!!bedroom slide leaking both motors had to be repaired back jacks seized had to be repaired keyless entry had to be replaced! Front switch for Jack’s had to be replaced The entire trailer has no workmanship put into it $70,000 of junk do you not buy at beware looks good but not worth the money especially if you’re a family you invest your money just something that you think is worth it to only find out that there’s 1 million things wrong with it one thing after another will start failing and you will have nothing but a big Bill at the end you can’t afford!

Jeannie says:

My husband and I are looking at buying a 2014 Voltage V3990. I have seen a lot of issues with the 2011 and 2012 Voltages. Does anyone know anything about the 2014 Voltage 3990? I have looked at the Heartland Cyclone 4100 King and really liked it. Can someone tell me what they would recommend?

Mark says:

Folks, get a grip. This is a home that rolls down the road. Expect some issues. I have a 2012 Voltage 3950 and it has been across the country twice. Have I experienced some issues, YES, as to be expected with the conditions of our roads, I’m lucky its not in pieces. Learn how to repair minor issues yourself and work with a positive attitude with the dealer and you will be taken care of accordingly. Keep in mind that most Luxury cars cost more than this unit. It’s not a Prevost.

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