Bedroom slide: Stay warmer at night

Quick Tip: Bedroom slide

We were camping over Thanksgiving weekend and it was very cold at night. So a couple of us were sitting around the camp fire complaining and talking about ways to help keep the toy haulers warmer at night.

During the conversation it came up about closing the bedroom slide at night. This does a few things. First it makes the bedroom smaller so there is less area to keep warm. Second it gets the slide side walls out of the weather. Third, most slides seal better when they are closed.

So we put it to the test. Three of us closed our toyhauler bedroom slides. The next morning we talked and all of us came to the same conclusion. It worked!! The six of us felt that it was warmer in the bedroom while we slept. The only downside in my trailer was that the wife had to crawl over me to go to the bathroom.  I can deal with that for the extra warmth of the closed slide.

Something easy and cheap, try it and let Toy Hauler Adventures know if it worked for you.

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J.T. says:

I was skeptical, as was my wife but it did help.

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