2011 Dutchmen Voltage V3900

720p HD available

After taking a couple years off in the toy hauler market Dutchmen (a Thor Industries Company) has come back in a big way. The new Voltage line of toyhaulers is raising the bar. The V3900 5th wheel trailer that I checked out is in a class by itself, from the multifunction remote control, to the 14 foot garage and the cedar lined closet it was all first rate. Dutchmen really did their homework on this unit.

The outside of the trailer was nicely done. From the high gloss gel coated fiberglass exterior and the welded aluminum side walls everything seemed top notch. The front cap looked high tech and supposedly you can tow this with a short bed tow vehicle and not hit the rig when you do sharp turns. I don’t recommend towing this huge trailer with a short bed truck though. The graphics were not overbearing and all the storage doors had slam latches with shocks that held them open like high end RV’s. The optional outside entertainment system let you know we had moved into the 21st century. The keyless entry is also a nice touch; it is always a pain to carry a big set of keys when you are exploring the great outdoors.

If you like windows this toy hauler is full of them, even in the garage. Big tall slides with three 7000 pound axles and “E” rated 16” tires give this rig a nice strong stance. It has a remote controlled power awning, along with remote powered landing gear and rear stabilizer jacks. The enclosed dump station helps with the four season’s theme of this coach. Along with the never seen before high “R” values, the standard All Weather Package that consists of R-40 Roof & Floor, R-24 Slide Floor and R-11 Walls this might be the best insulated production toy hauler yet. The underneath of the Voltage is also sealed to protect against the weather.

The interior is also “High Class” starting in the master bedroom. First you walk up a small hall way through a house style door and see a walk in cedar lined closet. There are tons of full pull solid wood dresser drawers and additional storage under bed. The queen size pillow top mattress with a fine looking padded headboard is nice. Although the bathroom was separate from master bedroom the bedroom did have its own sink and its own entrance to the bathroom.

The bathroom was the most unique I have seen. It had an entrance from either the master bedroom or from the living room area. Nice one piece shower and a porcelain toilet with a foot flush. The vessel bowl sink (yes I said vessel bowl) is unique and the people I saw were 50/50 on it. They either loved it or said uhhhhhh. There was ample counter space and great storage for a bathroom.

The living room is also very elegant with a very tall 90” slide and long couch for entertaining. There is also a loft bed for the kids in this area. The lighting is very pleasant and the 40” HD LCD is positioned high out of the way. The stereo speakers are inset and aren’t noticeable like in many other trailers. Lots of windows on the drivers side of coach to allow plenty of natural light. I didn’t notice much storage in living room area though.

The kitchen was equipped with an optional double door 12 cubic foot refrigerator that seemed like a must in a high end toyhauler like this. It had the nicest pantry that I have seen yet, it was huge with room for lots of food. Three burner stove with oven and an optional residential convection microwave oven were also present. The Island had a stainless steel sink and plenty of counter space with nicely positioned drop down lighting. The only real down side to the kitchen is that there is no room for windows. So from the living room or kitchen you can’t see anyone approaching the entrance side of the trailer unless the door is open.

The dove tail 14 foot garage was also diverse; from the five foot patio door entrance to the two fancy chairs and five windows it was a second room in itself. It also has two drop down Happi-Jac queen beds and with an optional bottom bed that can convert into picnic type table. This could be a great area for kid activities or a family dinner. The garage had its own entertainment system and a washer dryer hook-up. With the roll up carpet in place I could not check out the tie down system. For me I love having a 14 foot garage but I can see some potential problems. If you need every inch of the garage, like many of us do, I don’t know where you will put the two chairs (they are quite big). The five windows are overkill for me; I understand that is a personal opinion.

My overall opinion of this coach is quite good. The design and layout is very well thought out. The build seems very nice and the quality of parts seems first rate. I would like to get some customer feed back after some people have used the Voltage for a few months or a season. My only other concern is outside storage, it only had the one pass through compartment up front.

The MSRP that I saw was $91,000 as equipped but the dealer had a show special price of $69,000 that seemed more reasonable for what you were getting.

The video will give you more information and insight to this toy hauler.

The Dutchmen Voltage has its own website http://voltagehaulers.com there is lots more information there. I would like to give a special thanks to Richardson’s RV Centers Inc. (http://www.richardsonsrv.com) for allowing us to look through there unit at the Sand Sports Super Show and loaning us Lloyd Knight to tour us through this beautiful toy hauler. I would also like to Thank my friend Jerri Manthey for hosting the video for me you can see more of her at http://www.jerrimanthey.com.

Terry Gluckman


Unloaded Weight 13,239
Cargo Capacity 4,694
Hitch 2,980
Length 42′ 7
Height 13′ 4
Garage Length 14′
Fresh Water 162
Waste Water 48
Gray Water 114
Furnace Size (BTUs) 40,000

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PTF says:

We bought one. Looks incredible. Some issues though like doors not fitting quite right or staying shut. We have alist of a dozen or more items that dutchmen needs to address – mostly from a quality rather than design poin tof view.

tgluckman says:

Thanks for the update. Please keep us informed on how your unit is holding up. I have a friend looking at one to buy.

Kevlar says:

Would like to see your list of other items you are having issues with.

PTF says:

Choosing the right 5th wheel hitch? New voltage 3905? How do you know which is heavy enough?

PTF says:

I owned a weekend warrior. Loved it.
New Voltage – pulls like a dream, very stable and balanced. We placed 4 – 4wheelers in the garage for the trip. the chairs stacked nicely on the sofa after we put the main slide in. Otherwise you end up with only three 4-wheelers. I would like to see flood lamps for the outside. Somethng I miss. You can’t see much with the “patio” lights.
Docking lights were great and operate from remote -nice feature.
HD TV works great even in the outback.
RE: issues – the manufacture and dealer are addressing -in fareness to them I will not comment until they have completed.

Sunset10 says:

Purchased the Voltage V3900 in Oct 2010. Absolutely love it. We are first time RV owners. When we saw the Voltage, not only were we taken back, but as parents of young ones we immediately realized that this would we the trailer to meet all of our growing needs without the need to upgrade a few years down the road when the kids would outgrow their quarters. There are a few minor issues such as the shocks under the man doors breaking off and the access hatch not opening and closing properly. if anyone can give any suggestions on how to access the backs of the TV’s in order to add DVD players, it would be appreciated.

wally says:

If you still need access to the back of the TVs email me and I’ll send you some pictures.

Mandi wheelwright says:

We are trying to in mount the main tv to hook up satellite please help lol

Eric Del Fierro says:

Can you send me pictures on how to access behind the TVs in voltage 3900?

Captray says:

Bought a Voltage and first time out refrigerator broke. We have a punch list of issues dealer has had it for weeks and not updating us on progress. We traded in our 2008 Montana bunkhouse (bought new and had no problems) now wondering if we made a mistake.

PTF says:

The tv s tilt out from the bottom. I wrote to the man and got the info for the same reason.
BTW the fridges have a recall from the fridge manu.
I have had my list of issues and I have found the manufacture to be very aggressive at dealing with them so far.
If by access hatch you mean the basement door…the latches need to be moved. The gap at the door catch is too wide.

PTF says:

Great concept. Bought one in September..Used once in October. Has been in the dealer shop since that time.. One issue after another and one recall after another…
Patience is wearing thin at this point. 3 going for 4 months and still waiting on manu. to get the trailer to spec..
2011 voltage.

CK says:

We just got the 3900 and have only spent 5 days in it. The fridge did go out in that time but I do see the recall. Two of the three slides are stuck out about 2 inches at the bottom but in all the way at the top. It will make a trip to the dealer for that. One thing I do not like is upon entering the trailer in the dark you must open the cupboard to turn the light on. A single light switch at the door would have been much safer. I also would have liked a radio or stereo in the main house and not just in the garage. The awning is odd since it is so high and flat the shade is limited So far the floor plan seems good and storage is ok. I do like the deep bathroom sink just wish it was a solid color.

PTF says:

6 months and still having issues.

Kevin McKenzie says:

PTF – if you havent already, email Marc Hauser at [email protected] if you are not getting anywhere with your dealer. Marc is the Western Region Sales Manager.

misti says:

I bought a voltage 3900 in March. Since then, we have had the following problems: broken jack stand and blown jack motor, leaky plumbing, short in recessed lights, drawers that fell apart, leaking back ramp door, central vac broken, bed missing section of plywood, and most importantly, a leaking slide out that has been worked on but continues to leak. Our dealer is trying to work with us, but we are very disappointed with this product.

Pamela Bickings says:

Okay where to start….bought in September at hershey show, delivery October, shop November, legs came out of table in toy area, pocket door scratched by nails, recall to fuel pump, screen issue and this all but took them almost 5 months. Get it back and head to Maryland for memorial day weekend…landing gear doesn’t work, refrigerator doesn’t work and lost $177 in groceries, awning button doesn’t work, scratches on my counter from what looks like someone opened a box with a box cutter on it…we need a break!

Thanks for sharing, I look forward in viewing more. I’m currently looking for an awning for my dutchmen. I’m not having great luck, but think this company in Orlando can help me, http://www.myuniversalawnings.com they seem to offer many awnings.
Anyone have any advice on where to find a nice awning?

Lee Vining says:

We’re ready to buy a new Voltage, but are hearing nothing but horror stories with both the quality and getting problems resolved.

Owners we talk to mention the slide-outs are the junk cheap-o, refers fail, landing gear fails, poor fit and sub-quality of doors, and all mention serious plumbing problems.

That’s a lot of money to invest.
We lemoned-lawed a past RV and would like to avoid that process again.

Jamie says:

Sunset10 Again! Well, we are into our second year of owning our Voltage. Few issues are starting to surface. Toggle switches that are mounted on the outside of the trailer that work the landing gear are not for the Ontario winters, road salt & grime. They have seized to work and have stuck on causing a minor fire on the back happy jack. The happy jack was replaced free of charge. The toggle switches have yet to be replaced with the same ones. New toggles were sent to us, but they were not the same foot print as existing ones and since they are visible, the face places and holes would be different. Our biggest issue now is the Norcold Refridgerator – “Li op” fault code is displayed. We have had the re-calls done, but this is a new issue! Leaving for Florida next week. Hope we can get this fixed. As for insulation of the trailer – Outstanding!!! Stayed in the trailer on two nights a couple weeks ago – It was -17degrees outside, but like a warm summers day on the insoide!

BattleCat says:

We bought a 2012 3950 Voltage in November 2011. The dealrership (Serria RV in Layton Utah) were great until they had there money. Then it was like they did not want to spend the time to fix the problems we had. Not nly that they are crooks, I would never buy anything from them again! First of all they installed the washer and dry combo wrong and just shoved it in and tour the exhaust tubing. Everytime it went to dry there was so much condensation all over in the cabnet it was awful. Had to fix it myself. I have had problems with the slides not seating all the way on the main slide and the bedroom slide. Be bought this trailer to live out of it because we travel all over the United States for our jobs. We also have two small children. I could smell what was burnt wood when the heater was running. Had to have a tech come out. He found that one of the port holes for the vents on the heater was missing so the heat from the heater was blowing right on the pressed board that the heater sits on. When I saw the wood I could not beleive it, I am very lucky it didnt start a fire. Dutchman was great in this matter in getting it fix and reibusing me for having a tech come out and fix it, I have had water leaks from the valves inside the stroage area. Have had to tighten them several times. I now have to take it back in to a dutchman dealer because there is a strong odor of propane and I think the propne regualor has gone bad. I also have know had an electical burnt smell coming from inside the storage compartment. I beleave the problem is the eater heater when it is running on electricity. We also have had a leak where water is comming in where by the stove when it rains, I have not figured out where it is coming yet but some where its coming in.I know we have had our problems. I still love this trailer nd when it is working right its great, It pulls very well and it has plenty of space for us all. Dutchman has been good as well to get these items fixed. I hope they will continue. I will keep you posted on what happens with these other problems and any other one we come on.

Sunset10 says:

Okay so where do we start, blinds are breaking one after another. When taken apart and fixed, the cords are no longer long enough to close the blinds completely. The queen bed in the master continues to break at the joint. The waifer boards breaks apart. Have had to reinforce with blocks of wood. Awning arm has buckled under weight of rain that never automatically released the rain load. Lights continually need to be pulled down and tweaked in order for them to work. Outside lights are not working which could be a result of movement from traveling. We have our main tv hooked up to satellite but the other 3 rv’s are useless. Fuel pump does not work just to name a few problems. Who would we call for awning repairs?

Jamie says:

Sunset10 AGAIN!
Well, well, well where do we start?
Awning was replaced at our cost as we could not prove that it was a malfunction!!!!
Had our trailer serviced completely before our long journey south this winter. Bearings packed, wheels rotated and changed if required, etc. 40 mins from destination we lost the rear driver tire, rim, hub and assembly. tire/rim lodged in landing gear/storage compartment destroying all including side of trailer before it spit out the back of the trailer on the interstate. Thank god no one was hurt…..
we now have to go through the process of having this major repair fixed and will try to see if the extended warranty that we purchased will cover this. I am sure they will find a loop hole though. Also on this trip, the plumbing fittings for the water by pass have split, the hot water does not work when run by electricity and after looking at other high end trailers we feel this trailer should have a self levelling system.
On the bright side, we have had our trailer detailled this past week and it shines. The company that performed this was impressed by the high quality of the gel coat on the unit.
Lets see what happens!

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