100 years on the roads and in the woods.

This year the RV turned 100 years old. That’s right, sometime in 1910, the first recognizable camping automobile came into existence. Though they were seldom little more than a car packed with luggage and tarps, the world started taking in the wilderness, and visiting far off areas for recreation. Some of the designs over the years were odd… some were innovative and far ahead of their time.  In the last few years we have seen many, many manufactures go the way of the Dodo bird. As we move into the next century of recreational vehicles, take heart to know they have survived thus far… and it’s likely to survive much longer! Can’t wait to see the new toy haulers over the next 100 years.

Below is a link to Autoblog’s collection of  old RV’s. Take some time and enjoy.

Autoblog’s 100 year Birthday of the RV

Gallery of older RV’s over the last 100 years

(Toy Hauler Adventures holds no relation to Autoblog)

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J.T. says:

What a neat history of the RV. how we have come a long way.

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