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RIVERSIDE, CA – 7/19/2010 – If you read the two bio’s of our owners, you’ll get all of the history you need. We’ve been around the off road industry for a long time and have the knowledge, equipment, technology and staff to make quality performance products.
Walker Evans

Our mission is to design and manufacture quality, performance, race-proven products that can used for aftermarket applications.
The very same product we produce is the very same product used on numerous race winning vehicles.
Walker Evans (Owner)
Simply one of the best off-road drivers ever, Walker Evans continues to captivate and dazzle the fans whenever he powers his Chevy truck to the start line. Throughout his thirty-year career, he has been applauded for his exhilarating racing skills and his informal, gentlemanly manner.
Evans felt right at home in the cockpit of his 4WD Chevy Thunder truck – where his performances suit his nickname, “The Legend”. It’s no wonder that this driver has become so admired and respected by so many. With 142 victories and 21 championship titles to his name, Evans is one of the most accomplished competitors in the sport of off-road racing.
“I got my first sample of racing when I drove a Rambler sedan in the Baja 500 for actor James Garner’s American Motors Team back in 1969”, explained Evans. “I took a third place finish, and knew I had to get serious about desert racing. So I built my own vehicle, and began competing.”
After winning the Baja 1000 five times in other specially built vehicles, Evans became the first driver in off-road racing history to win that grueling event overall in a truck. His other multiple desert victories include well-known races like the Mint 400, the Baja 500, the Parker 400, and the Fireworks 250.
Randy Anderson (Owner/GM)
Randy Anderson is the general manager and part owner of Walker Evans Racing and has been an integral part of the team’s success for the past 24 years. Randy began working after school at Walker Evans Racing on April Fool’s Day, April 1 1978. He quickly progressed from parts cleaner to mechanic to fabricator under the supervision of long time Off-road crew chief Danny Shields.
At the start of the SCORE off-road season in 1980 Randy became the Evans personal crew chief at the young age of 19 years old and has been in charge ever since. Over the course of Randy’s career the Walker Evans Racing Team has amassed 30 championship titles and over 197 race wins.
Randy has designed and implemented the building of 64 Off-road race vehicles, 15 NASCAR race vehicles and 3 Rock Crawling trucks, along with the development of engines and suspension systems for each of these programs. Suspension has always been one of Randy’s passions. In Off-road racing if you want to win the race you have to get over the rough terrain faster than the next guy.
Randy’s tremendous suspension building experience has been the foundation for the development of new suspension systems for Rock Crawling, Snowmobiles and ATV’s. Look for more innovative products to come!
Walker Evans Racing 14″ UTV Wheel
Available in both Beadlock and Street the new 14″ Walker Evans UTV wheels are sure to give your UTV both added looks and strength.  Walker Evans Racing has a long history in the development and testing of off road racing and recreational products and wheels are one of our specialties.   Our customers called for Walker Evans wheels for their UTV’s and we have delivered.  Available in multiple colors and finishes, give your UTV the Walker Evans look!
Wheel Upgrades/Options

Powder Coated: $50 per wheel
Fully Polished: $50 per wheel
Ring Upgrades/Options
Powder Coated: $15 per ring
Anodized (red,blue,black): $15 per ring
Other Upgrades/Options
Polished Beadlock Ring: $99.00 per/ring
Inner BeadLock Ring Upgrade: $TBD
Replacement Ring Hardware: $11.95
Center Cap: $5.95

Need a custom wheel in a specific size? We can do that too. Just fill out our form, or simply call.

Machine Finish (Black Accents)
Part Number: 91470BLB
List Price: $305.00
Weight: 17lbs
Machine Finish (Silver Accents)
Part Number:  91470BLS
List Price: $305.00
Weight: 17lbs
At Walker Evans Racing our goals is to design and manufacture quality, performance, race-proven products that can used for aftermarket applications. The very same product we produce is the very same product used on numerous race winning vehicles. Based in Rivierside, CA Walker Evans Racing has been involved in the off road industry for over 30 years.

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