Students Learn Complete Motorcycle Assembly with Hands-On Course
NORTH RANDALL, Ohio – The American V-Twin Program offered at the PowerSport Institute (PSI) is a 48-week course that provides students with hands-on motorcycle technician training on a wide variety of manufacturers. 
Featuring classes on Harley Davidson and manufacturer supported Victory Motorcycle by Polaris and S&S Cycles, the American V-Twin Program provides students with a well-rounded overview of how to repair and build motorcycles with a variety of engine components, chassis and aftermarket performance parts.
“With today’s technological advances, one of our main focuses is teaching students to adapt to the new fuel injection systems and software that is now standard on motorcycles,” said Bernie Thompson, PSI campus director.  “The American V-Twin Program is designed to train students to become versatile technicians and innovative thinkers, as well as learn how to access online resources like the Polaris information site to quickly find answers.” 
Students in the American V-Twin Program learn safety check inspections, drive functionality, starting, charging, ignition systems, troubleshooting and diagnostic techniques for a variety of bikes.  They are also trained to run dyno testing and tune motorcycles for performance.  In addition, the course is designed to mimic a shop and service department so students receive real-world instruction. 
“We teach students more than just the mechanics of the bike; we teach them how to be successful technicians by demonstrating shop functions and training them on how to work with service managers to increase efficiency and productivity,” Thompson said.  “Our goal is for students to be valuable employees as soon as they enter a dealership.”
The PowerSport Institute offers its students lifetime career placement through its employment services department, where they receive resume and interview support prior to graduation.  Once they complete the American V-Twin Program, students receive Victory Motorcycle and S&S Cycle recognition and are qualified apprentice technicians.  The school communicates with hiring managers to help students contact dealers and set up interviews.
Included in the American V-Twin Program is a 9-week custom bike building and performance class where students combine technical training with creativity and design elements including metal fabrication, welding and finish painting.  Students start from scratch and build a rolling chassis and frame, as well as learn how to add engine, drivetrain, transmission, wheel and suspension components and a variety of aftermarket performance parts, which are popular in the motorcycle industry.   
The American V-Twin Program, which starts every 12 weeks, has a 20:1 student-teacher ratio so students get the opportunity to experience custom bike assembly from start to finish.
About the PowerSport Institute
      The PowerSport Institute, the largest motorcycle and powersport training campus in the U.S. set on nearly 15 acres, is dedicated to providing premier technical training by pursuing industry alliances, providing outstanding training equipment and focusing on the needs of students.  As the branch campus of leading automotive tech training school Ohio Technical College, PSI draws students from all over the United States.  The PowerSport Institute offers comprehensive diploma programs in power sport technology including motorcycle, ATVs, snowmobiles, personal watercraft and custom bike building.  For more information, contact PSI at 800.322.7000 ext. 211 or visit

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