Cooling A Hot Head: Follow up Report

Cooling A Hot Head: RIDE REPORT

By Scott Butera

My first long haul was just completed in June; 1000 miles round trip from Sacramento up I-5 to Coos Bay Oregon via the Medford/Grants Pass grade. Very happy with the V2 even though I still did have some momentary clutch fan engagement and at the strangest times too. The clutch fan partially engaged usually on the descent after a climb even though V2 fan was manually engaged whenever I was climbing with outside temps in the high 80’s. I found the clutch fan never engaged if I allowed the Allison to shift when it wanted to not when I forced it to, but then… I like to go fast up hill. This trip I average 60-65mph on 6% grade rather than 50mph w/o V2. Most notable was that the temp gauge, I know that stock temp gauges are notoriously all over the place for accuracy, but it never (EVER) hit the 210* mark on the gauge hanging, rather it hovered a click or two below 210*. In years past she was running cool if it stayed at 220*
I am very pleased with the performance increase; I was able to walk away from my buddies LB7 up the same grades where in years past he was out of sight halfway up the grade.


Ride report, same destination, 2 years apart:

Distance – 1012 miles
Tow Weight – 14,128 lbs.
Fuel – 83 gal @ 3.15gal = $261.45
MPG – 12.2

Distance – 1024
Tow Weight – 14,075 lbs
Fuel – 108 gal @ $4.45gal = $480.60
MPG – 9.48

So fuel savings aside, the V2 was well worth the money in stress-free driving and overall drive comfort and I could hear the radio at moderate volume at all times. The RAD V2 kit with Fan was well worth the investment and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

This is a follow up to this story

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