Magnalight today introduced waterproof power supply


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KEMP, Texas — Magnalight today introduced the DCP-11-DP-SW waterproof power supply designed to convert standard 120/240-volt AC power to 11-amp 12-volt DC output for powering lights and equipment requiring 12-volt direct current.

Waterproof and fitted with an inline switch, this power supply not only provides reliable DC output, but allows operators to control the on/off operation of equipment as well. Small in size and mounted to an aluminum bracket that can be hung or permanently mounted, this power supply and switch combo is ideal for powering Magnalight lights and other 12 volt equipment.

The power converter includes a standard straight blade plug for connection to common wall outlets and includes an inline on/off switch for added convenience. Designed for durability and resistance to wet or damp conditions, this unit consists of a power converter , heavy duty on/off switch, straight blade plug, and  a two-prong Deutsch connector on the output end, all mounted to a heavy gauge strip type mounting platform.

This converter operates with voltages within the 90- to 295-volt AC range, making it ideal for converting common 120 and 220-volt AC to useable 12-volt DC current. The heavy gauge mounting strip is fitted with a wide machined slot on one end to allow users to hang the entire unit from hooks or similar objects for convenience, and can be permanently mounted if desired.  The power converter features IP67 rated waterproof construction and integral short circuit and overload protection that will shut down the unit in the event of faults or overloads, thus protecting the unit and connected equipment from damage.

A two-pin Deutsch connector on the output lead allows users to simply connect any 12-volt lights equipped with Deutsch connectors including Magnalights’ LED and HID equipped spotlights, searchlights, boat lights and portable handheld lights.

The entire unit measures only 8.7 inches long by 2.5 inches wide by 1.5 inches deep and weighs less than one pound, making it well suited for inline use with drop lights and portable spotlights where operators need to simply pull a long cord behind them. These converters are ideal for applications where operators wish to use their portable Golights, Magnalight HML-12/24 or PML-LED spotlights, or other similar equipment that requires 12-volt DC current, but do not have a suitable 12-volt power source available.

“This light weight power transformer provides users with the ability to convert high voltage into low voltage for use with 12-volt DC devices, featuring an aluminum back plate with a machined cutout for carrying and mounting purposes,” said Robert Bresnahan, from Larson Electronics “With an IP67 waterproof construction and light weight design, this converter is ideal for outdoor and marine use.”

Larson Electronics’ manufactures and distributes a wide variety of power distribution substations, solar powered generators, inline transformers, hazardous location lights, intrinsically safe lights and a large line of explosion proof equipment and accessories.

For more information, visit or call 800.369.6671.

SOURCE: Magnalight press release

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