Xantrex Xpower Powerpack 1500

Xantrex’s Xpower PowerPack 1500 is a mobile power station that has a built-in 1500 watt inverter and provides 51 amp hours of juice that can be used to power loads like televisions, portable lighting, laptops, a small fridge, power tools, fans, etc. It is an excellent alternative to a noisy gas generator when you only need temporary power or in cases where a generator is not practical, like indoors.

The PowerPack is powered by a 51 amp hour AGM battery. AGM batteries are sealed and can operate at any angle, will not spill, and have a very low discharge rate when stored. Other features include an LED status light showing you the power level, an on/off switch, two 3-prong AC outlets, a 12 amp DC outlet to
allow you to run appliances that use a standard cigarette lighter plug, and external positive and negative terminals that can be used to jump start a vehicle (jumper cables not included) or to connect an auxiliary battery giving you more capacity for longer run times.

It comes with an external 5 amp charger that can be plugged into a standard AC wall socket and a DC cord that can be plugged into your vehicles cigarette lighter. Recharging time with the supplied charger reportedly takes 24 hours on AC or 6 to 8 hours from your vehicles DC outlet when fully discharged.

All this is housed in a tough high impact plastic housing with wheels, a removable handle, and a storage compartment that fits the charger and all your cabling. It also has two sturdy grips on either side to help you lift it. The unit weighs in at just under 60 lbs.

The PowerPack 1500 is built very well and I expect it to holdup to heavy use. It works very well powering things like portable shop lights, radios, and small power tools for extended periods of time.  I can also see this coming in handy to charge small devices like cell phones or laptops overnight where running the generator would be overkill. Although I don’t see it replacing your generator, I see it as a good compliment to it. It can also come in handy if your house batteries are too low to start your gennie. You can find it on Amazon.com for about $500.

Following is a chart of expected runtimes for typical items you can expect to power.
Office Applications                                  Watts                        Runtime

Laptop                                                                25                      27 h 30 min
Desktop computer                                              67                        8 h 48 min
20” LCD monitor                                                52                       11 h 54 min
Wireless modem/router                                        6                     118 h
Inkjet printer                                                         8                       87 h
Table lamp                                                         40                       16 h

Emergency Power Applications            Watts                        Runtime

Cordless phone                                                   5                      130 h
Clock radio                                                          8                         87 h
13” CRT TV                                                       45                        14 h 6 min
20” LCD TV                                                       75                          7 h 42 min
18 cu. ft. fridge                                                120                           4 h 18 min
8.8 cu. ft. freezer                                               80                           7 h 6 min
Sump pump 1/2 hp                                          300                           1 h 18 min
Home alarm system                                            5                        129 h
Microwave                                                     1000                                19 min
7 1/4 circular saw                                            800                                25 min
3/8 corded drill                                                250                            1 h 48 min
Jigsaw                                                             150                            3 h 18 min

For more information, visit Xantrex.

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Sir. Iam a regular viewer of most of your product on the net.this new product that has been launched ,iwould like to have. At least the one that can take all my appliances. Please send me the exchange rate. Nigeria currency.

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