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PALM CITY, Florida/June 4, 2014– interVac Design Corporation, Inc., the only made in the USA manufacturer of precision engineered built in vacuum systems for the Recreational Vehicle industry, has taken a significant step towards taking the guesswork out of operating onboard equipment with the addition of the interVac Power Management System for recreational vehicles with 30 amp power systems. The interVac Power Management System for RoadVac™ allows RV owners to conveniently switch between two electrical devices, typically the compact built in vacuum and the RV’s microwave, water heater or other major appliances, to avoid overloading critical electrical circuits that trip the power off in 30 amp systems.

“Our power management option prevents the power from tripping the circuit breaker because it only allows one high demand system to be used at a time. It’s just another way interVac is adding convenience to the recreational vehicle experience.”

Schlapkohl, and his wife and business partner, Susan, anticipate the new interVac Power Management System for RoadVac™ will be very well received by the Recreational Vehicle manufacturing industry. “I have just returned from meetings with a number of manufacturers in Elkhart, Indiana.  Ease of installation, convenience for the customer and the fact it is made in the U.S.A, are among the top reasons manufactures are choosing to have our interVac products as standard equipment in their vehicles,” said Susan Schlapkohl. The interVac Power Management System for RoadVac™ will be available to recreational vehicle manufacturers in the summer of 2014.

For many years, some recreational vehicle manufacturers moved away from featuring precision designed, built-in vacuum cleaner as foreign made vacuum manufacturers introduced bulky handheld or battery powered stick vacuum systems. Susan Schlapkohl says that trend appears to be reversing with manufacturers realizing the benefits of featuring a Made in the USA product that is more powerful and convenient to use.

“Most, if not all, RV owners are tired of having to carry two vacuums in their vehicle. A battery powered one (with a battery life of only about 7 minutes) has half the power of interVac, as measured in CFM, which is the standard measure of power for vacuum cleaners. That lower powered vacuum may work ok on wood flooring but another stronger vacuum is needed for carpet and tough cleaning jobs. Our RoadVac™ system cuts the clutter and doesn’t take up valuable closet space like a battery operated vacuum. Plus, it has superior cleaning power and an eight foot hose that extends up to forty feet to reach every inch of today’s modern recreational vehicle.”

Schlapkohl also said some manufacturers reported their customers complained of carpal tunnel syndrome type symptoms caused by holding up a heavy battery powered hand held vacuum that required pressure to hold down a trigger to vacuum. “That’s another benefit of using a powerful interVac vacuum. Our RoadVac™ system is ergonomically correct. There’s no wrist strain. You don’t have to hold down a trigger while holding up a heavy battery to vacuum. Power and ease of use…we simply have the best made in the USA product on the market.”

The interVac built in vacuum derives its name from its space optimizing size and ability to be placed in many different unobtrusive locations. interVac’s new RoadVac™ system measures just 11” wide, 6” high and only 6” deep. The compact design has been engineered to be small yet pack an enormous vacuum punch that is unmatched by competitors!

About interVac

interVac Design Corp was founded in 1998 by Peter and Susan Schlapkohl with the belief that the only way to provide the best products possible is to control what goes into the product.    interVac products are engineered for peak performance and every Made in the USA interVac product is thoroughly tested before it leaves the factory. The company strives to advance its hybrid products through better technology, precision engineering, and better ideas. interVac backs its products with warranties that set standards for the industry.

interVac products, depending on the product line, are available for purchase online, through vacuum stores, at select Recreational Vehicle dealers and are provided by preferred Recreational Vehicle manufacturers. interVac is headquartered in Palm City, Florida and sells throughout the United States and worldwide. For more information about interVac Design Corp you may visit their website at or call (888) 499-1925.



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