ASA Introduces the NEW JENSEN® JRV212T Touch Screen iPod/SIRIUS and Camera Inputs Stereo

Elkhart, IN (April 10, 2012) – In today’s modern RV market having a system equipped with only an AM/FM radio and a CD player is a thing of the past. To stay on the cutting edge of technology, stereos must now have a variety of high-tech and state-of-the-art features to meet consumers’ ever-changing demands. To meet these changes, ASA Electronics, an international manufacturer and supplier of premium mobile electronics is proud to introduce the JENSEN® JRV212T AM/FM/CD/USB/NOAA Weatherband, iPod® & SIRIUS Ready Stereo with 3-camera inputs.  This innovative stereo will give RVers all of the audio features they have been searching for along with the option of having an observation system.

The 2.0-DIN JENSEN JRV212T has 4x40W audio output power, an electronic AM/FM tuner with RBDS and a rear channel pre-amp audio output. This stereo features a large 6.1” LCD touch screen with blue LED backlight allowing for easy readability in any setting. The system also features 3 camera inputs with auto-trigger which enables the JRV212T to assist drivers when merging, changing lanes or reversing.

The JRV212T also features an AUX input which allows for an external media device to easily be connected to the system. Plus, the stereo has a USB 2.0 front panel connection for MP3 playback. This system is iPod ready and offers drivers the ability to fully control and charge their portable music devices. If you are not an avid iPod or MP3 listener, then the stereo also has a CD player with 30 second ESP and is SIRIUS Satellite Ready with subscription. Along with featuring excellent music capabilities, the JRV212T is equipped with a NOAA Weatherband radio to keep drivers informed of any approaching inclement weather.

The JRV212T stereo system also offers other useful features that any road warrior will appreciate. In addition, the system has auto-store, adjustable display settings, audio mute and a non-volatile memory in order for station presets and settings to be maintained even when the vehicle battery is not in use. Plus, this stereo is wireless remote ready.

Since 1977, ASA Electronics has been an international manufacturer/supplier of mobile electronics to the Marine, RV, Van, Commercial Vehicle, Bus and Limo industries. ASA’s proprietary line of products includes:

  • JENSEN® stereos, speakers, LCD televisions and DVD players
  • JENSEN® Marine waterproof/water resistant stereos, speakers, DVD players and accessories
  • JENSEN® Heavy Duty stereos, speakers and accessories
  • Voyager® rear and side observation systems
  • Advent® rooftop air conditioners and appliances

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john mcgaughey says:


Louise Shaffer says:

We purchased a new 2013 motor home and the manual tells you nothing about this radio operation. WE had to ‘purchase’ a remote and to top it off the radio sucks! Reception is awful. You will get a local station as long as you ‘might’ be in range of it. You constantly are trying to find a station and there are few and far between! Is there even an antenna?

Jennifer says:

We just purchased a 2013 RV with this radio and we did not get a remote and every time you put in a USB cord it says error. The manual has nothing on this. Please help.

Oscar says:

I purchased a Thor ACE earlier this year and mine did not come with a remote either. You would think for 70K they would give you a remote. Anyway, I Googled “Jensen model JRV212T” and quickly found the remote for $18 which I now have. My reception is just fine, the radio sounds great in my unit, I plan to add more speakers soon. I suggest you have the dealer check and make sure the antenna has been connected from the factory, its not the first time radios leave the assembly line partially installed. Good luck!
[email protected]

Wendell Dennis says:

Cannot locate a satalite tuner that will plug into the JRV212T to make it receive sirus Radio Please help

Steve says:

I thought I had Back up lines on this unit?? How do i get them back?

peter says:

I have one of these in my 2014 Hurricane 27k, I really hate it., radio reception is bad, and it is hard to tune because of the soft keys. The worst is the clock is very bright, even when det to nighttime, and never shuts off. It lights up the inside of the RV. There is an “off” clock setting to at 1/10, 2/10 etc which I do not understand and the manual does not explain but that does not seem to function either. Total failure of a radio.

Gerald Dost says:

We have one of these in our 2013 thor Windsport which all of a sudden broke.No clock ,FM tuner nothing,the lights on the on-off switch and all the buttons light up,but alll thats coming out of the radio is ststic.Of course it went off manufactures warranty four months ago.ASA or Jensen donot fix these,but they will sell you a new one.

John Simpson says:

My 2014 Coachmen Prism has the Jensen radio, but no remote. The seek buttons on the touch screen don’t work, and the factory told the dealer to just unplug and re-plug the connectors on the back of the radio. That didn’t help. Forest River is not offering a replacement, soI need a remote just to make the radio functional!

John Simpson says:

My 2014 Coachmen Prism has the Jensen radio, but no remote. The seek buttons on the touch screen don’t work, and the factory told the dealer to just unplug and re-plug the connectors on the back of the radio. That didn’t help. Forest River is not offering a replacement, so I need a remote just to make the radio functional!

Geno Kearney says:

Ours in in a 2015 Thor Vegas. Display blank. You can hear some FM reception, but can’t change or control it. The display and touchscreen functions are dead. Any body know the warranty on these? The dealer is no help of course. Any body know of an alternate option that will plug and play as a replacement?



Jennie says:

For those who purchased remotes; where did you get them?

Allan Kay says:

Where do I get a Jensen JRV212T repaired. I am in North Carolina zip code 28428

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