Evans Cooling Systems Introduces Evans Powersports Coolant

SHARON, Conn., – October 31, 2011   – Evans Cooling Systems, Inc., the creator of the only waterless engine coolants, announces the release of Evans Powersports Coolant designed specifically for powersports equipment and recreational vehicles including motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, and snowmobiles.  Evans’ advanced technology offers improved performance and reliability.  Even under extreme conditions, Evans Powersports Coolant will not overheat.  Using Evans Coolant allows the engine to be safely tuned for more power.  A higher compression ratio, leaner mixture, and more advanced spark are some of the options available to the engine builder.  Evans Powersports Coolant provides permanent cooling protection for the life of the engine so replacement is never necessary.  Its superior corrosion protection is not degraded over time and it won’t freeze or damage engine components.


Evans waterless coolants have been used by factory race teams around the world to protect engines, prevent coolant loss, and win races.  Evans Powersports Coolant is a superior alternative to any water based coolant and is available now in convenient and easy to handle half gallon bottles.


With Evans Powersports Coolant there is always a huge separation between the operating temperature of the coolant and its high boiling point (375OF) so vapor does not form in the coolant jacket as it can with water-based coolants.  The jacket metal is always in contact with liquid coolant for improved heat transfer.  Evans combines performance and economic advantages with a safe formula that contributes to a better environment.  

About Evans Cooling Systems, Inc. 

Evans Cooling Systems, Inc., headquartered in Sharon, CT, has focused on engine cooling and related areas for over 25 years. Evans is committed to maintaining a cleaner, safer environment, and continually seeks to improve product choices for all engine users.  For more information on Evans Cooling Systems, Inc. and Waterless Engine Coolants please visit www.evanscooling.com. For orders and dealer inquiries please call 610-323-3114.  All other questions please call 860-668-1114.

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