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Dear Member of the Media,

The American Sand Association is an all volunteer-run organization that relies on memberships, business sponsors, and donations to effectively fight the current Land Use issues. One of the most successful programs implemented by the ASA to help raise funds, which are used primarily for Biological Studies, Attorney Fees, and other administrative costs, are the annual Giveaway Vehicles which happen each year at the Sand Sports Super Show.

In order for these ASA Vehicle Giveaways to be as successful as possible, and raise the maximum amount of revenue, The American Sand Association relies on help from publications and media outlets such as yours to educate off-road enthusiasts about the latest vehicle that is being offered through this opportunity drawing. This year, the ASA Giveaway vehicle is a custom built Baja GTR Sand Truck from Sand Limo Racing. As a bonus, there will be a 2nd Prize which is an upgraded 2012 Ranger RZR XP 900. Both are great vehicles that your readers will enjoy seeing. We’ve created a beautiful advertisement describing the ASA Sand Limo Baja GTR Sand Truck and Polaris RZR XP 900. It has been approved for publication by the ASA Board of Directors, and it is attached in this e-mail.

We hope you find space in your publication or on your web-site for this advertisement. We would appreciate any exposure you are willing to offer, and the ad can be run as many times as you would like up to the giveaway date of September 16, 2012. Please find attached the high-resolution .JPG file for print. Should there be a problem with the file, please contact me for another version. On behalf of the American Sand Association, I would like to thank you for your continued support.

Michael Sommer
Member – ASA Board of Directors
Media Affairs Chairman
American Sand Association

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