Edge Products – CTS UPDATE: Turbo Timer Install

After reading J.T. and Jeff’s article on the CTS Monitor I knew I’d found a high tech alternative to analog gauges to monitor my diesel. Let me tell you this device is beyond cool and provides more information than I thought possible through its use of the industry standard OBD-II (on board diagnostics) port found on all US made vehicles since 1996. Having this much information made me aware at just how hot my motor is when I reach my destination; my solution was to keep my truck running for a few minutes to let it cool down by leaving the key on and engine running while I occupied myself with something close by until I “felt” it was cool enough to shut it off. That baby-sitting has now been replaced by the EAS Turbo Timer; this allows me to remove the key, lock the doors and walk away knowing the Turbo Timer will automatically shut off the motor when the desired temperature is reached.

Since the hard work had already been done with the CTS Monitor installation, all I had to do now was add the EAS Turbo Timer module inline to the existing EAS EGT module under the hood of my truck. The EAS (Expandable Accessory System) is simple to expand by removing the end cap and screwing in the new EAS device. Once that is done there are only 3 wires to connect to various points in your fuse panel; these fuse points allow the Turbo Timer to keep the engine running until the exhaust gas reaches a desired temperature or for a particular period of time. It’s your choice; all you need to do is program the CTS by following the touchscreen menu.

My first test drive around town was a bit comical, the truck never really got that hot running errands and the CTS would kill the ignition before I could open the door. I switched to the timer setting and discovered that the CTS gives you the option to abort the cool down stage and immediately kill the motor by touching the screen. I will have to follow up after my next trip that should put the Turbo Timer through its paces towing up the Sierras.

Photos by Jeff Stevenson

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