Voltage Cabinet Mod

The Voltage V3900 toy hauler has a small coat closet beneath the control panel that I felt was under utilized. I also felt that the V3900 needed a little more storage space and I needed a spot to mount my inverter control panel. The coat closet seemed to be the perfect place to add both.

I got lucky and found some pre-finished cherry wood shelving at Home Depot that looked pretty close to the Voltage cabinets. Below is the before and after. I think it looks pretty close to factory.

Voltage Cabinet Mod Before

Voltage Cabinet Mod After

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Like the shelf set up going to do this. Could you give me some info on your inverter control panel set up as how it works and a link on were to buy it.

Thanks Robert
[email protected]

Paula Higman says:

Shelf Idea a must do!!

Thank you again! We have started this in production on the Voltage 3200’s coming off line now. Thinking about doing it on all models with this cabinet set-up… Thoughts?

Nate Goldenberg
Dutchmen Mfg.
General Manager

Brett says:

Nate, we actually like ours the way it is. Maybe have it as a take in our out option???

Ty & Christina says:

Which inverter did you use and how did you incorporate it into the Voltage electrical system?


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