Dutchmen Voltage V3900 Review – Part 1

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I took delivery of Dutchmen’s brand new 2011 Voltage V3900 Toy Hauler the week before Christmas. My plan here is to give a detailed  2-part review with the goal of informing potential new buyers and to possibly help the manufacturer learn from someone who uses their toy hauler like it was intended; off-road and without hook ups. This first part will be devoted to the delivery experience and the interior.

The Delivery

First off, I’d like to give a thumbs up to my dealer Richardson’s RV for assisting me in this review and coping with my “pickiness”. During the PDI they had a technician that shadowed the salesrep making on the spot repairs that were found, most of which had already been noted and some of which, requiring parts; had already been ordered.

Most issues found were purely cosmetic like scratches in the bathroom pocket door and closet door. Also, the wooden furnace intake vent below the stairs had been kicked in. This is partially due to the step being too short for a guy who has big feet like me. Voltage would do well to replace this with a brass vent or better yet increase the tread width a few inches. We also noted a kitchen drawer that was out of alignment that wasn’t shutting all the way and one of the bar stools was crooked. On the outside we found a crack in the air conditioner cover near one of the mounting screws.

Other than these minor items all major systems and appliances worked flawlessly as expected and the PDI went far smoother than I thought it would for a first year model trailer.


The Voltage is not at all like most toy haulers in that it has a high-end motorhome quality interior Dutchmen Voltage V3900throughout. The centerpiece of which is the full walk-around island in the kitchen. The solid surface countertop and bar by LG is very spacious and the two sided stainless steel sink gives it a residential feel. All doors use hidden hinges and pulls are brushed nickel. All drawers use solid maple fronts, laminated hard wood sides, full extension ball bearing glides and all are deep. Although deep cabinets are nice, I would’ve liked to have seen a shallower top drawer in the island to use as the utensil drawer.

Storage space in the kitchen is pretty good thanks to the huge full door pantry. Expect to lose some space if you opt for the 12 cubic foot refrigerator, but trust me; it’s worth it! Although 8 cubic foot is adequate, the extra 4 cubic feet makes it a whole lot easier to find that hidden item and the double freezer holds quite a lot of ice; a huge plus for us boondockers.

Lighting is extensive with 17 puck lights throughout the living room and kitchen and 3 pendant lights above the bar. The control panel which contains no fewer than 19 switches sits behind a glass door that also houses the Samsung home theater system. Although each switch is labeled as to its function they are impossible to read when it’s dark. A suggestion would be to backlight the panel to illuminate the labels. Another nice touch would be to put a light switch on the wall just inside the door to make it easier to turn on the lights upon entry.
Voltage Toy Hauler V3900
The main entertainment system includes a Samsung 40” HD LCD and a 1000 watt 5.1 channel Samsung surround system with an Ipod dock. I found the HD image of the Samsung to be top notch and my favorite surround sound test: the D-Day invasion scene from Saving Private Ryan; to be as good a my home system. The bedroom and garage also have 19” Haier TV’s but at this time I’ve yet to use them.

The couch measures 10’ long and with the extension seats six adults. A standard inflatable air mattress hide-a-bed integrates with the couch if needed. Also included are two reclining rocker chairs and two bar stools. All windows have day and night privacy shades. The central vacuum system is an option that works really well; especially the dust pan slot on the floor. This makes it really easy to dispense with all that sand which tends to build up during the day.Voltage V3900 Toy Hauler

The heater is ducted through the floor and works surprisingly well considering the high ceilings. The Air conditioner is a Dometic 15,000 btu Quiet-Zone model which is almost impossible to hear from the inside. It is also ducted but through the ceiling. We also opted for the Bedroom A/C which is also ducted. The garage is ducted for both heat and air as well and works good. The thermostat is digital and multi-zone. The optional Fantastic fans, of which I’m a huge fan of, are thermostatically controlled and have sensors that automatically close the vent in case of rain.

The bathroom is the best I’ve seen in any toy hauler or motorhome and one which the women will love. It has a very large one piece fiberglass shower enclosure with glass door, skylight roof, and a top-notch adjustable showerhead. The porcelain toilet is likewise of high residential style quality. The same solid surface countertop from the kitchen is also used in the bathroom and counter space is maximized by the really cool “fish bowl” style sink. The only thing Voltage forgot was putting a latch or some other way to lock the bathroom pocket doors from the inside.

The bedroom has a separate hallway entrance on the left side as well as the one from the bathroom so you can still have access to the bedroom while someone is using the bathroom. It also has plenty of storage space with the highlight probably being the huge walk-in closet that has a fixed hanger system and plenty of shelves. The shelves are really nice to store large coats and riding gear. The queen bed is topped with a quality Evergreen pillow top mattress that in this model is contained within the slide out. The V3905 model swaps the bed with the closet in the slide out but you lose some closet space.

Well that’s about it for the interior. In summary, its got a “WOW”  factor that I haven’t seen in any other toy hauler with a fit and finish that is well above average. As you can tell it’s probably the Voltage’s main selling point which is ok for me because being comfortable is important especially with the other half. And if she’s happy we tend to go on more trips, don’t we?

What I likeVoltage V3900 Toy Hauler

  • Luxurious Interior
  • Solid Surface Countertops
  • Huge Pantry
  • Full walk around island
  • 12 cubic foot refrigerator
  • Bathroom layout, shower, toilet, and sink
  • Bedroom Closet

What I don’t like

  • Steps to bathroom too short
  • No light switch near entry door
  • No backlight to control panel
  • No shallow drawer in kitchen
  • Can’t latch or lock bathroom pocket doors from inside

In the next installment I will review the exterior and the garage. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to post them here or on Toy Hauler Adventures Facebook page.

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  • Duane says:

    Thats a great looking trailer and nice write up too!

    • WILLIAM RITT says:


      • Marc Hauser says:

        As most of you who are reading this post do know, there are always (2) sides to every story…

        In response to “William Ritt” who’s comments led to this response:

        #1. Mr Ritt purchased his unit from reputable SoCal Dealer who on several occasions tried to satisfy his needs.

        #2. Mr Ritt states that his A/C unit does not work properly, although the Dealer did test his units (and compared to other units at the Dealership under the same climate circumstances) and found that they are working properly per Dometic Specifications (test results can be shared with anyone interested).

        #3. Unit was returned to Dutchmen Mfg for “goodwill” service, including adding several “2012” upgrades to the unit (which Mr Ritt failed to post)

        #4. Dealer offered to add 3rd A/C unit to his garage at no charge (out of goodwill), which was declined by customer. Customer’s only response was “I want a full refund”; this after using the unit for almost a full year with Family, clients, etc…

        Again, as most of you know, there are always two sides to every story…Dutchmen has delivered over 1,000 Voltage units this year, and very few of those “Happy Campers” ever leave a post on these sites…Kevin and the guys at Toyhauler Adventures have always been a FAIR source of information regarding all of the brands, and have always been out front in passing along my information to our customers who may be having issues…

        I will be glad to answer any questions regarding our products, such as changes, new floorplans, new vendors, etc…As many of you know, I am very accesible and will do everything possible to help resolve any issues and answer questions regarding this great product…

        Marc Hauser
        District Sales Manager
        Dutchmen Mfg
        Cell: (574) 312-9244
        [email protected]

    • Beth Johnson says:

      Where do I began , bought our new 2011 Voltage 3900 in Bath New York in April 0f 2011, beautiful trailor but it has had one problem after the other. The first week we had it the microwave went out , they brought a used one , tried to pass it off as new but the grease & dryed food in it gave it away .The ordered me a new one , the frig quit working , the tech came out and fixed it , the outside t.v never worked , I finally got them to send me a new t.v., the slideout’s dont go out or come in without sticking and having to be pushed or pulled. The bedroom slide leak’s terrible when it rain’s , no help on it ..Now today during a rain storm we had water pouring in from the electrical outlet in the garage above the back door , It has been a mess , The Campinworld Dealer that we bought ot from has been no help , we are trying to get in touch with Dutchmen , don’t know if that will get us any result’s but we will see….
      Beth Johnson

  • Thank you for the review!

  • Kevin McKenzie says:

    Got this message from Donna

    My husband and I purchased a Voltage 3950 about 3 weeks ago and we are supposed to pick it up on Friday. There are no bar stools in it and we have found out that there should be, so my questions is…what color are they in yours and does the seat have any cushion or design that matches the design on your sofa? I thought it looked like yours matched the wood in your trailer and I just want to be sure before we pick ours up, that we don’t get just any bar stool put in there. We have had numerous problems getting things right with it, so I want to be prepared! I think we will enjoy the trailer…we looked for a long time before purchasing.
    Thanks so much,

  • Kevin McKenzie says:

    Donna, congrats on your purchase. I hope the link to this picture answers your question http://www.dunechasers.com/galleries/Voltage_V3900/standard/img_0366.jpg

  • Donna says:

    Thanks Kevin. We are excited to be picking up our trailer tomorrow. The dealer located our bar stools and got most of the problems worked out for us!


  • Kirk says:

    I’m in the negotiations for a Voltage 3200 and upon examination at the Richmond RV show, very impressed with the quality and design of this Toy Hauler. I hope to have it by the end of Feb 2011. Great review! Kirk

  • mikaela says:

    Thanks for your review! We ordered one and are getting it next month. My boys will be sleeping in the bunk beds in the toy hauler. Have you put sheets on those beds yet? THey seem to be a strange size, much longer than a queen. Also is the master bed a true queen size? In the past we’ve realized not all beds are standard sized in RV’s. Thanks for your write up, we can’t wait to get ours!

    • Ivy Walter says:

      I have the 3950 which is very similar to the 3900 and I find that the master bedroom queen takes the queen sheets quite well but appears to be just slightly smaller then a queen.
      However the 2 “queens” in the garage a a different story…
      My bottom bunk is also a happy jack picnic table and it measures 62″W X 91″L and I have tried king sheets but they don’t fit. So I am on the lookout for California king size to see if they fit but until then I am just using a flat sheet.

      • Ivy Walter says:

        Sorry that reply was directed to Mikaela!

        • Mikaela says:

          Thanks Ivy, we have received our Voltage & I’ve found that no sheets fit the bunks, so we just have flat sheets & a King comforter over them. I emailed the manufacturer and they said the the dimensions are 66×88? So far we are enjoying it!

  • Kevin McKenzie says:

    Welcome to the Voltage family Kirk and Mikaela! I’m glad you liked the reviews. Mikaela, I will have to get back to you on your question about the sheets and the size of the mattress until this weekend.

  • Paula Higman says:

    Great information! Thanks, my husband and I have finally narrowed it down to the Voltage 3900. As first time RVers with two small kids, this Toy hauler seems the best fit. We are big motorcross/trail riders so this hauler will fit most of the toys. Looking forward to reading your comments on the off-road and without hook ups part, thats really important to us. Any suggestions on what will tow this bad boy??
    Really Really Really do not what to purchase a dually.

  • Kevin McKenzie says:

    Sorry Paula, you will need a dually do safely pull this bad boy.

  • Ivy Walter says:

    These questions are for Donna or Kevin or anyone else experiencing the same problems as I. I just bought a voltage 3950 about 4 weeks ago from explore USA in Denton Tx. I agree with Kevin pretty much all the way around about he upsides and downside of the unit. I really like the “homey” feel it has. Excellent write up Kevin!
    However I’ve had a few problems with it…just last week the living room and kitchen slide out started giving me trouble going in and out. So until I can get it into a place next week I have one person on each side gently pushing out or in to get them to work. Does anyone know if there is any kind of override in case it stops working altogether?
    My unit came with 2 12 volt batteries and I find that at times I can’t even start the generator when all I’ve left on is the refrigerator and even though it’s on LP I guess it must take some power to run it. Any advice on this?
    I never received any barstools and have since called Voltage and they are now sending me 2 through the mail so that was nice to know. Thank you Donna.
    My screen for my backdoor is Laying in the drawer under my couch. Am I supposed to hang it myself?
    I found an airmatress in a box under the bed in the master bedroom and I have no idea where it’s supposed to go. The couch doesn’t look like a hideaway bed at all.
    2 weeks ago I was running the heater (which works very well) and the flooring in the kitchen between the entry and the couch was “floating” like it wasn’t glued down.
    There is a lump ( like a large screw) in my bedroom poking up at the rug and I can feel uneven board under it so hopefully they can get the carpet up to see what’s wrong without ruining the carpet.
    My keyless entry does not work. It did at first but now it doesn’t.
    I already lost one of the rams on the door that goes into the garage.
    Also this unit comes with a washer and dryer hook up and I wish they would have presented that to me as an option be cause I absolutely would have said no. As it is right now I use that area for more pantry since I lost a large section at the bottom of the built in pantry to dryerhose and water lines.
    Being as this is just hitting the floor there wasn’t a lot of information out there before I got it and I found that Explore USA was not really knowledgeable about them yet. They seem to have good service center. However, I’m in AZ right now and they’re in TX. But they got me in contact with a Voltage Rep from Indiana who has been helping me find a place to get it repaired so I guess we’ll see what happens!
    Ivy Walter
    2011 voltage 3950
    2000 F350 dually

    • Tina says:

      My husband and I just purchased the 3200 Voltage 3 weeks ago from a dealer in Ohio, no one on the East Coast has any in stock. We liked the extra height in the garage for the 6″ jacked up golf cart we have, the Raptors and Cyclones all were not tall enough. We are supposed to take it on a trip this weekend if we get it out the shop, after only opening the main slide twice, it got hung up and one side of it would not close. Evidently there are 2 motors to move it in and out. All the information books from the dealer/manufacturere had nothing in it. Like the Mr. Walter, my husband thought they should have been an override function somewhere. Since you can’t tow the camper down the road with the slide out open, we called Dutchman and Lippert(the manufacturer of the slide out), they will only reimburse us $75 for have someone come to the house to look at the slide out problem. We were lucky to find this one company that sent two guys to the house to check this out for us, no one else in our area of Woodbridge VA was willing to come out. After a few phone calls, they figured out that in the front storage compartment on the driver side are wires for the motor and were hanging down. We had put our camping chairs and tables in that area and the wires got disconnected. Then the repair man wanted us to take the camper to the service dept. so they can re-calibrate the slide, so now we are waiting for the service dept. to figure that out. The repair guy suggested that we put a board up or something to keep those wires from hanging down in the way. I’m glad I read some of the other reviews, I haven’t tried to put sheets on the two garage beds yet, I had put queen sheets in the camper to put on later, thanks for the “heads up” on that issue. Happy Camping!

  • Kevin McKenzie says:

    Ivy ,

    A lot of people have been having trouble with the slides. You should definitely take your unit back to dealer and have this and all the other issues you mentioned taken care of. In the meantime do a youtube search for SCHWINTEK and you will find a bunch of info and troubleshooting tips for your slides.

    As for the batteries I highly suggest you install 4 6 volts, the slides like a lot of juice. Otherwise run the gennie while operating the slides. The fridge does use battery even though its on LP.

    The inflatable bed is kind of weak i agree. It goes on the couch in between it and the island.

    Funny, my keyless entry stopped working too. I think it needs a new battery in the key fob.

    I agree with you as well on the washer/dryer hookups, should be an option.

    let us know how your dealer fixes your issues. If your unsatisfied, call Voltage.

  • Ivy Walter says:

    Dear Voltage owners
    I am still waiting for my 3950 to get out of the shop. But I just wanted to bring this “floating floor” situation to everyones attention. Unti I ran the heater one cold night, I never noticed my flooring in the kitchen/livingroom “floated” like it was not glued down or like there was a heat vent that was cut out In the floor but not in the flooring. So I challenge all you voltage owners to run your heater to see if your floor starts to lift up. The only thing holding my floor down is the center island. Voltage had to make these things right.
    Also to the lady who’s chairs made the wires come off…I noticed a control unit like that for the slideouts on the passenger side ceiling in the storage area. It is in no way protected so one must be careful with what you put under there. Take care all
    Ivy Walter

  • Deborah says:

    Hi Ivy,

    We also had a problem with the keyless entry, turned out the sensors were not in alignment once they were adjusted it worked perfectly.

    Hope it helps

  • Khalid says:

    I am planning to install KVH R5 Dome on the roof of the 3950 but I can’t find any way to pull the wire in to the leaving room and the bed room, any one has an idea please help
    Many Thanks

    • Kevin McKenzie says:

      Not sure if the layout is the same as my 3900, but I drilled a 1 1/2 hole in the ceiling just behind the TV. There is a wire channel behind the cabinet under the TV that feeds down to the floor. You can remove the electical distribution center to see how the wires flow from there to the areas under the bedroom. You can also remove the wall panel inside the front storage area to get a better idea of all your trailers wiring.

      Good Luck

  • chris tobler says:

    Just got my 3900 after ordering a 3950 2 months ago and still haven’t got it. (in canada btw) so decided to take a 3900 they had in stock.
    Few issues and I havent even used it yet.
    1. Led lights at the front remain on even though the switch is off, even unpluged the switch and still stays on
    2. disappointed that a trailer with 4 T.V’s only plays dvd’s on the main t.v. The outside t.v doesn’t even work with the outside stereo
    3. the top bunk in the living room has no mattress? Isn’t it suppose to?
    4. Slam latch on one door wouldn’t shut properly or open, took it apart 3 times and seem to have it working now.

    I’m going to put my own lighting system to backlight the control panel, run it off a switch,easy to do. as well as change to bathroom doors to be able to at least latch them shut

    • Chris says:

      Never mind #1 seems the remote light was on…
      Wish I read the article about the pdi cause it took 30 minutes and slides were only out part way, oh well keeping a list.

      Btw how do you pull the smaller tvs out? Want to hook up a DVD for the kids in the garage but can’t unhook it for the life of me

      • I havent attempted yet but I read on another post you can get some small hands under and to the right and there is some kind of latch or screw.

        Found link to post here:http://www.rv.net/forum/index.cfm/fuseaction/thread/tid/24965740/gotomsg/24981752.cfm#24981752

      • Curt Bancroft says:

        There is a padle style latch behind the small tv’s.
        Bedroom tv has a opening in bottom of wood cabinet.
        Stick your hand up behind tv, you will feel a flat piece of metal, push it towards you, then pull the tv of the bracket. The garage is the same, except there is no access. I taped a 3 inch screw to my finger to reach the same flat piece of metal which allowed me to rotate my hand behind tv, and release the bracket. I have had my 3200 since Dec.23 and have had several assembly related problems. I think they have monkey’s throwing these units together with impact drivers with no clue how to stop before they shear off the heads of the screws. Keep an eye on all of the seams,laps, and trim on the exterior of your rigs. Got on the roof to install 2nd A/C and found more sheared screws where the nose cone, and the roof meet, leaving a 1/2 inch gap. The slides have had the same sheared srew head problem,along with function and leak issues. If you dont have a factory installed 2nd A/C, don’t plan on using the 2 zone thermostat, because there is no therm. wire ran, just 110volt.
        My outdoor tv has coax ant. cable, and A/V cables attached. The ant. works, the A/V cables go under the oven and ref., up the wall and dissapear. The cables should be connected to the interior ent. system, according to Dutchman, but are lost up in the ceiling
        never to be found. Great quality control.
        Watch the gas door struts on your entry doors. A small
        breeze can cause breakage of the clips on them, which
        will not allow you to keep your doors open. These are a smaller diameter clip than anything locally availible. Had to order from Indiana. Pick up some spare clips for future breakage. The mattress has been replaced by Dutchman due to major break-down which started after about 10 nights.
        But with all that, my wife and I had traveled several thousand miles, hung out in some awesome places with this coach, and having a great time
        with all the features it has.

      • Dan says:


    • Glenn says:

      We are intending to order a 3950 tomorrow but after reading the comments we are a bit apprehensive. I love the look and feel of the Voltage but it seems that the issues on this blog concern…
      1)slides not working properly.
      2)TV in main area is DVD only? Is that correct?? Love my TV! Also issues with the av on outside tv and access to the back of the tv`s.
      3)Poor design for number 2 black water tank hooking up with washer and dryer.
      4) Floor lifting when heater is on.
      5) Sheared screws.

      If anyone has comments on the above or any general comments please respond asap. We are in Alberta Canada and go South for the winter. We dont want a lemon or a unit with `issues`. I`m a lousy mechanic…lol

      Thanks all.

  • DAVE PERCE says:


    • Kevin McKenzie says:

      Seems like a waste in the slim chance this might happen to you. Over the years, this has happened to me only once but I just jumped it from the truck battery.

    • Randy says:

      You dont need an isolated battery..justhook the plug for trailer lights and brakes back to truck.it will charge in minutes and crank almost immeaditly.

  • J n& P Freeman says:

    We have a new V3950 and cannot find out the capacity of each of the two black water tanks. So far, we can only find out the total gallons of 96. Can anyone help us out with this little issue?

    • Kevin McKenzie says:

      I would assume they are 48″ each

      • J n& P Freeman says:

        Assuming isn’t good. Thank you any way. One black water tank is for the master bed room and one is for a small bath in the back. I would think the master should be larger.

        • Ivy Walter says:

          Well one things for sure we were told the wrong thing at our initial walk through and we have used our unit for 4 months straight and thought we were emptying the back toilet every week along with the front. Well last week I smelled the most horrible smell like it was full an YES IT WAS! So after a call to our dealer since we can never get through to the Mfg. We came to find out it’s behind the tires where you dump with a separate pipe then the front! They told us that was for the washer! The whole point being it must be a big doggone tank for us to have used it regularly for 4 months before it finally got full!

          • J & P Freeman says:

            OH MY GOSH!
            What a way to discover where the different tanks and sewer connection outlets are.
            The only reason we found out there were two different sewer connections was we were putting a septic tank line in on our property for the V3950. We called our dealer for schematics for the location of the sewer outlet on the trailer so we could position the dump drain. We received a crude drawing showing that there were two outlets and that we could join them into one dump drain or make two dump drains. We chose to do two drains.
            Our #2 black water tank would show 2/3 full so much sooner than the #1 black water tank. We didn’t use the #2 tank very often. Then we would get a sewer smell inside the trailer and find the #2 tank full. We finally figured out that the washing machine grey water dumps into the back black water tank along with #2 toilet. That is not a good design.
            BUT, Life Is Good in The V3950. ;o)

      • J n& P Freeman says:

        We have found out the size of each black water tank in the V3950.
        Your ssumption was correct. 48 gallons in each. It is a good thing because we also figured out that the washing machine grey water dumps into the rear black water tank.
        This is not a good design. We have not questioned why. The grey water dump for the kitchen sink isn’t that much futhur.
        We will have to live with this feature but hopefully Dutchman will correct this issue in future models.

    • Don says:

      I would have to assume they are each 48 as the models with only one bathroom are all 48 gallon

  • Tresa Walker says:

    Have had Voltage 3950 since March. Numerous QC issues and some major problems. Have only had it out twice due to the dealer having it for 8 weeks for repairs. Had to pick it up because we had to use it for a dog show despite some things still not repaired. It will be going back to Richardson’s RV soon. Some of the issues we have had – slides not coming in and when they come in not adjusted, rubbing fiberglass on metal wheel wells, dealer adjusted them but still not right, their fix was to reposition the metal wheel well cover. Fridge would not cool, metal not cut out for fridge vent and fridge fans not plugged in. Headboard fell in to nose cone and generator fumes coming into rv, Dutchman says nose cone of trailer will have to come off to repair headboard, very bad design, we have pictures. We have leak in our main storage compartment. Dealer doesn’t know where it is coming from, I think front bathroom most likely. We had to have compartment door for the valves replaced, it had been opened with a screw driver at dealer, also back side door was damaged at dealer with crow bar while it was at dealer for repairs, now need that ordered and replaced. Many mini blind clips and two sewer caps were missing. A black facia board inside the trailer was damaged and needed replacing. A cupboard door in the bedroom had a gouge in it and had to be replaced. Probably the worst issue is the happy jack system. It fell to the garage floor when we were bringing the trailer home from the dealer. It crashed to the floor crushing the three ladders that now have to be replaced. It could have killed or at the least seriously injured someone, not least of which are my children. We found out it had been installed incorrectly. Everyone needs to check your happy jack system if you have one. The bolts or pins holding it to the side rails are too small for the holes, to fix this they have installed washers on top and bottom of the hole with the pin, except in our unit there was only a washer at the bottom of the pin not doing anything. The pins just fell through the hole and the whole thing fell to the floor. Anyway their fix for this is inadequate due to the weight of the happy jack system. We have notified Dutchman and we have pictures of the accident, but they are moving very slow on this. There needs to be a recall for Voltage. I feel this is very serious, but no one at Dutchman is responding. I am putting this out on rv.net and toyhaulersadventures.com. There is a serious lack of QC at Dutchman. In hindsight we would not have bought the Dutchman Voltage 3950 due to the problems we have had and are continuing to have. We are not new to trailers. Previous one we owned for 11 years.

    • J & P Freeman says:

      It was so enlightening to read your commentary on your V3950.
      We have had our V3950 since May. On a positive note, we love the layout and the feel of this trailer. That is why we bought it. The designers did a great job.
      Now, on the negative side, you are so correct on the QC issues. I am amazed that Dutchman does not show any pride in building this trailer the proper way. We would definitely not buy another THOR/Dutchman product.
      We have had some of the same issues as you have had.
      We are in our V3950 full time while we are building. We brought it home in May and after moving in for a week, we had to move out and take it back o the dealer 60 miles from where we are.
      Our refrigerator had the same problem. A big issue we had and still have is the Air Conditioning. When we took it back to the dealer they found that the ducts weren’t even connected. All the cold air was going out the roof. We still aren’t happy with the efficiency of the main AC. We will call Marc Hauser on this issue.
      Thank Goodness we put the added bedroom AC in.
      You can read about our issue with the washer and the black water tank in our reply to Ivy and Kevin. There were many other things we have had to correct or just tolerate.
      We took those darn black mini blinds out, that collected dust and got hotter than hell. We had Budget Blinds put in cellular shades through out the trailer. We live in Northern New Mexico. The sun is very close and intense. We also had them put the solar film on the windows. It makes a big difference with the heat transfer.
      I could go on but will not.
      I do hope this forum will help Thor/Dutchman make a better product.
      It is also good to know that other Voltage owners are experiencing the same and other issues and what they have done about it.

      • jen says:

        We also have had a ton of problems with our 2011 Voltage. I think it’s the 3900 but might be 3950. We used it for 3 months, then the slides wouldn’t go in all the way. The dealer had to wait two months for parts. We have also had plumbing issues, a/c broken, etc, many of the issues others have mentioned here. We have had it in our possession for 3 months and one weekend in the 10 months since we bought it. That’s a lot of payments and insurance down the drain.

        Dutchman has agreed to take ours back to the plant and give it a complete overhaul. They claim that the parts used on the 2012 model are better and they’ve learned a lot and made improvements in the year since the 2011 came out. So when we get ours back in a couple months, hopefully the problems will all be over. We shall see.

        • jen says:

          I forgot to add that after months of struggling with this camper, when we finally got someone at Dutchmen to respond, we just wanted them to take it off our hands and give us our money back. We were sooooo tired of fighting the problems and not being able to use our “dream” camper. It is practically brand new, barely used, still smells brand new inside. However, they will not accept a return and will only agree to overhauling it.

  • Kevin McKenzie says:

    Call or email Marc Hauser today. He is the West Coast Regional rep for Dutchmen. He has helped others on the board. He knows about your issue and will be expecting your call.

    Thor/Dutchmen Mfg
    Office: 801.770.4733
    [email protected]

    This goes for anyone else having issues. I’ve got to know Marc since writing this article and can tell you he stands behind the Voltage and will do anything in his power to help.

    By all means, please let us know the result, good or bad.

  • Donna says:

    I was not surprised one bit to read the comments here about problems with the Voltage 3950. Our list is so long, that I will have to devote an entire day to write my comments. The lack of QC has been unbelievable and we would not consider ever buying another Dutchmen/Thor trailer. There is no excuse for what we, and obviously, many others have been subjected to.

  • MIKE SPANIER says:

    GREAT feedback folks!!!…..I think we shall wait awhile before ordering our Voltage 3905 and see if these QC issues get some attention!!

  • Rob O. says:

    I agree. Keep the feedback coming. I had been very interested in this model after seeing it at the Hershey, PA show last September. I would like to see if these QC concerns have been addressed in the 2012 model. I know this is many times an issue on the first year introduction of any new product, but quite frankly I’m glad I read this site before biting the bullet in 3 weeks at the next show. I will address the concerns with the rep at the show and see what they have to say about any improvements to the new year model.

  • Tim B says:

    I am disappointed to read all the negative feedback, we just got home from an RV show in Tulsa and fell in love with the new 3600 floorplan and were leaning towards it as our choice, but now I am starting to rethink that decision.

  • PTF says:

    Great trailer. If everything would just work, not leak and you could get issues resolved with out being labeled. Remote – does not fully work, awning doesn’t go out, garage leaks, ac duct issues, some lights not working, basement doors that open while going down thew road, improperly installed latches, entertainment speakers that don’t work, keyless doesn’t work, and more.

  • Rick says:

    Wow, reading all of this has me very nervous! I just bought a 2012 3900. I have only gotten to give it a quick checkout for 1day and found a couple of small issues. I did notice that the air didnt get the rig cool after running it for about an hour or so, but I blamed it on the las Vegas temp, which was 110 degrees.

    Kevin, are you having any issues other than the ones in you write ups?

    • Kevin McKenzie says:

      I have used my Voltage in the dunes 4 times, 14 days at an RV park, 6 days dry camping at a car show and am currently dry camping in the Nugget parking lot in Reno where temps are in the mid 90’s. I think I use my trailer more than the average owner. The only issue that bears mention is a smell under the kitchen sink which Voltage has stated they have a fix for.

      Although it hasn’t been perfect, overall I’m still very happy with my 3900. It is built better than my Weekend Warrior was. Could it be better? Yes, I think there is room for improvement. But for a first year model I think its pretty good.

  • Ben R. says:

    Great feedback guys. Based on your experiences, I’m scraping plans to purchase a new Dutchman.

  • Hurshel says:



    Wow!!! My wife and I have been looking for some time and really liked the 2012 Voltage 3600V. After reading the comments, I think we will shop somewhere else… Thanks for the “Candid comments”.

  • PTF says:

    traded the 2011 in for a 2012… MUCH happier now. However, AC just does not put out air.. Most issues so far are small and I am repairing them myself.
    KEVIN does Voltae /Nate have a solution for the AC?

  • Tracy says:

    I too have had many problems with the 2011 3900 we bought our last October and Lippert had to fly out and work on it because no one in Denver knew anything about the slides. The outside rollers underneith were to close to the edge and catching on the trim so the living room slide did not go all the way in. while traveling through MT the kitchen slide quit working and Lippert had the tech trouble shoting the controler but sent the wrong one twice and the right one 3 weeks later did not fix the proble so the sent the wrong wireing harnes that also did not fix the problem. It was finally the moter that the tech told them it was in the first place that was the problem. it took 6 weeks to fix. Very poor customer service. the AC had and still has not worked good even after they fixed it. the rolers on the bed broke as they had 3 different types of screws holding them on and the rollers just fell off. The latest issue is the living room slide cought on the linolium floor and tore a big rip in it and the dealer in salem Or said it takes them a couple months just to get anything from Dutchmen so it wont be fixed for a while. I agree this RV has more problems then I ever had with any others and I could never recommend anyone bying a Dutchmen as I never will.

  • mowdoc says:

    Well now, this has been an education for sure. My wife and I camped next to an 2011 3200 at the Sturgis rally in August. The people were very nice and let us check out thier new unit. It was 3 days old when they brought it to the rally for the first time camping in it.

    They only stayed 4 days and were gone so we do not know why. They seemed very happy with the Voltage and we were very impressed with it. So much impressed, we started looking at them. We walked thru one yesterday and began dealing on it. After reading all these issues with QC and Customer Service, I think we will halt talks on this unit for now.

    If I read this right, the 2012 models have been improved on several points but it still seems QC and Customer Service suffers too much for us to consider the Voltage brand.

    Good Luck to all of you and thanks very much for saving us the misery of buying a bad unit that is not backed well by the manufacturer!!!


    • Ivy Walter says:

      I wish all this information was out there for me before I bought one! Oh well live and learn the hard way I guess…I just feel when I’m spending a big chunk of my hard earned money I would like to get something of good quality in return. Shoulda bought that Airstream….

  • J & P Freeman says:

    A follow up on our V3950-2012 and letters we wrote on this website in August-2011.
    Kudos to the dealer we bought our trailer from in Durango,CO. Expecially Mike, the service manager. He has been diligent about fixing our serious issues. There are answers to the problems with the Voltage. It is just time consuming and takes working with Dutchman to find the answers. We, and Mike, also worked with Marc Hauser.
    We are beginning to think that it is important to interview and select the dealer/Service Dept. that will take care of you and your Voltage after the purchase.
    We love our V3950-2012. Even after all of the issues we had to take care of. Do wish Dutchman would have done that before we bought the trailer. It would have helped their reputation.
    Mike, The Service Manager, said that basically The Voltage is a well built trailer. He really likes it, which is a compliment to Dutchman.
    SO, hopefully no more issues for a while, since we are hanging out on the San Juan River enjoying retirement.
    Also, it would be good to see some positive things written about the Voltage. It isn’t perfect but it is a trailer and not a house.
    We have found out that most new trailers do have their problems that have to be worked out.

    • Marc Hauser says:


      Glad everything worked out!!! Please let me know if you need any additional help on my end…You were great to work with and your courtesy was much appreciated!!!

      Also, I could not agree more about “doing your homework” before you purchase. With several “Internet Dealers” popping up around the Country, I run into many Customers who are “left in the cold” because they did not take the time to work with their local Dealer…As all of you know, the “service after the sale” is an extremely important factor when choosing your Dealer, not just price…The Buyer does have to take some responsibility when narrowing down your choices, and doing your homework will really pay off in the end…

      Thanks again, and Happy Camping!!!

      Marc Hauser
      District Sales Manager
      Dutchmen Mfg
      Cell: (574) 312-9244
      [email protected]

  • Donna says:

    J & P…..I can’t agree with your statement that it is a trailer and not a house. We pay dearly for this product to be of good quality and the company presents the product to be of good quality, which it isn’t. Hopefully, you did not have the problems that many of us have had with our Voltages and when you can’t use your unit, it is hard to find positive things to write about it. If the trailer didn’t have so many problems, we wouldn’t have to worry about interviewing and selecting service departments as you recommended. Glad to hear you are enjoying yours.

  • Clint says:

    I had a Thor toy hauler product a few years ago, lots of problems. Poor customer service back then. Was considering a Voltage but will not go down this road again.

  • Brandon says:

    I am in the market for a toy hauler. I really fell in love with the Voltage 3900 model; however, after reading all the reviews I am starting to turn away. Does anyone know if a lot of the common problems I am reading was addressed by the manufacture in the 2012 model or is it having the same problems? Thanks

    • Kevin McKenzie says:

      Keep in mind, the 2011 was the first year model. I’m not privy to the number of complaints vs units sold but I’m guessing its a small percentage. I’ve been around Toy Haulers and a member of many internet forums and boards for over 10 years and in my experience you mostly hear from the people with problems, rarely the happy ones. However, everyone with a problem deserves to be heard and have the issue addressed. The internet is the perfect medium for that.

      There are a couple examples on this page and a few more on rv.net where Dutchman has taken the unit back to the factory and made the repairs.

      To answer your question, I believe Dutchman stands behind their product and has made the necessary changes to their 2012 models. I base this on the number of complaints I see posted. In addition, they are the only Manufacturer that I know of that have put there name, personal email and cell phone numbers on internet sites asking to help those with issues. That takes a lot of guts.

      The Voltage is currently the hottest Toy Hauler out there. My advice is to view them all and compare.

  • David Prince II says:

    Kevin, I agree with you. It does take a lot of guts to put their contact info for anyone who wants to call and complain or needs help. I currently own a 2004 Dutchman product, though not a Toy Hauler, and have had good customer service with the factory reps at Dutchman when I have had questions of parts needed or how to work on something on my trailer. As far as what Clint says, I find it hard pressed to find any trailer manufacturer that isn’t owned by Thor these days. They are buying up all the RV manufacturers. I would have to say that they are probably one of the largest employers in Northern Indiana these days… other than the Amish Farms!

  • joann says:

    went all over yesterday looking at differrent toy haoulers, this one was my favorite but after reading all these comments I will have to rethink this out and compare them all again. Like they say dont judge a book by its cover, so the cosmetic looks good but whats underneath is more important

  • Have been casually shopping toyhaulers for several months. Must say, in my opinion, the amenities, floor plan & overall warm liveable feel of the voltage is head & shoulders above anything else available. I have been slowly arm wrestling over price with a dealer on a 3900 & we’re within $2000 of closing a deal. It bothers me to find so many QC issues. It’s understandable to expect first year problems with design & possibly inadequate parts, but so many problems I’m seeing are due to nothing short of shoddy construction techniques & an obvious lack of adequate quality oversight!! While I’m aware a disgruntled owner is more apt to share their experiences than a happy camper, these bad experiences are just too prevelant to ignore. I had a very serious problem with a DRV suites in 08 that resulted in a monetary settlement from the manufacturer. In the year that it took to hammer out a resolution, I searched intently for ANY negative info concerning these rv’s. I failed to find the first post of anyone with a negative remark. I contend, if there ain’t a fire you want see smoke!!! I think it would be appropriate for a voltage rep to address any changes that have been implemented in the 2012 models to rectify these problems. I’m still open minded about my purchase but I am definitely going to have to hear evidence of better QC from a reliable source before I consider voltage.

  • Howard Adams says:

    Sent from my Verizon Wireless Phone

    Howard Adams wrote:


    In rereading the service managers email, he described the incident as, “wrong”. This is my attempt at setting record completely staight.
    We left for a desert atv trip on January 4, 2012, planning on staying through the 8th – our trailer loaded with clothes, provisions, pots, pans, utensils, two atvs and gas. We stopped close to our camping spot to the fill the trailer’s water tank at ranger the fill station. Not long after, we arrived at the camping area, after nightfall, and dropped the atvs. I proceeded to turn on the Lippert Component system to lower the legs and unhitch the fifth wheel. The fifth wheel was unhitched, and I pulled truck away, and parked it. In the dark, I went through the auto leveling procedure with no problems or issues.
    We finished our trip, deciding to leave one full day early to get jump on my upcoming work week.  The weather turned colder, and the winds had picked up to 10 to 15 mph, which helped in making our decision to leave early.
    As we prepared to leave, the problem with the fifth wheel occurs.  
    At the Lippert Component panel, I followed the procedure that is on cargo door for this unit, as stated earlier in our discussion. The procedure directions says to – Turn on Unit Displays Level. Jacks Down. I hit the left and right arrow together, trailer goes into return height (where auto level was initiated). The trailer stops at height. I get in truck to reposition under hitch pin. After exiting I find the pin is about 6 inches high. I do not think much instructions say won’t come to exact height. So as I start lowering unit back to proper height, with in a few seconds, I hear a loud pop; immediately after hearing the pop, the trailer came crashing down on my truck and the trailer itself.
    Now the trailer is setting on the sidewalls of my truck bed, and the pin is resting in bed of the truck. At this point, trailer has 2/3 of a tank of fresh water remaining; 2/3 grey in one, with bath 1/3 in other grey, and showing 2/3 in black. I realize that these gauges are not exact, but the water tank was originally filled just four (4) miles from where we camped at water station, 160 gallons fresh water. The generator gas tank was still 2/3 full and the other gas tank showed half full, which I know I used nine (9) gallons out of this tank, filling our atvs, and the atvs of other friends that were with us on the trip.
    I emptied the fresh water at this point to lighten load on my truck and called Coach Net for assistance and advice on how to handle this situation.  After a huge hassle with Coach Net on the phone, I  figured I was on my own.  
    I ran the legs up to try and get the legs back on pins, only to discover that the pins are sheared. At this point, I had to devise a plan to get back on my pin box.
    I put the legs down to get clearance under pin, then placed wood blocks under it; then retracted the legs, placing additional blocks of wood under legs and ran the legs back down. To get more room under pin, I placed more wood. I retracted the legs once again, to get more clearance, blocked extend legs, blocked under pin again, and so on.
    This ordeal took two hours.
    By this time, I have the pin captured then hit retract all button, removed all wood, drop ramp door to load atv’s, finish packing, remove chock blocks and depart the area.
    When I arrive home, I called Richardson to arrange drop off of trailer.  The drop off scheduled for Monday,  January 09, 2012.
    Upon examination, Richardson determines pins did in fact shear. They pointed to the fact that the pins were made in China and probably of inferior quality. Upon pulling pins to make safe to remove trailer from truck, the Richardson techs installed new, more high quality pins from another company. They (Richardson), proceeded to examine both sheared pins and determined one pin to be either previously cracked or may have even missing material at time of assembly.  Richardson also stated that they felt the oxidation and look of the pin was the look of age deficiency.
    So here is where we stand again.
    I am attaching the trailer directions that are on my cargo door next to the system .

    Sent from my iPad
    Sent from my iPad

  • Jack Carter says:

    Of course they won’t pay.

  • sheri says:

    We are 2012 V3900 owners since July. We live in this toyhauler and have taken it cross-country with a 2011 Dodge Dually (over 18,000 miles to date and 29 states and extreme hot and cold to 14 degrees.) We have had almost all of the same issues as everyone else on this blog. In fact, 56 major and minor issues including all slides, daylight coming in with all slides, floor separating at the bedroom steps, nose cone separating (screw was broke), brakes not working-even with jake brake, loss of tread on new tires, caulking around trailer was shrinking, alot of electrical issues, and water heater compartment was never sealed and water leaked into the whole compartment, generator wires were crossed, etc.
    It was at the factory for 2 months. They fixed our issues and then some. Answered our phone calls-everytime. My husband was in a hotel 250 miles from the factory-he made a “suprise” visit to see if what we were told was what was being done-since it was 3 weeks in being back to us. They gladly pulled our trailer up and walked him through.
    They make 8 Voltages a day at the factory. I aagree with the QC being a problem. Could they put out less trailers and make the same amount of money? I think they would make more, because word of mouth can help or hurt the Voltage Reputation. I know they are all Warranty issues, but it still costs money to pick up and deliver the units and paying people to fix them.
    We have 2 other friends with Voltage trailers. One uses his regularly and the other once in a while. We stand behind all the disagreements as stated with everyone else and as frustrating as it is…I think they are awesome trailers and we do turn heads going down the road.

  • Ty & Christina says:

    My wife and I purchased a 2012 Dutchmen Voltage 3950 on March 29th 2012 from Windish RV Center in CO and received it a few days later in southern California where we live. I am writing this on the way home from our first outing with the 3950 where we had to leave the RV park early as we had no hot water and could not keep the battery charged enough to start the Onan generator. We have started to make a list of the issues we have found with the 3950 and we are not even sure it is a complete list as we are not able to test everything since we had to cut our vacation outing short. I wish I would have found this site before purchasing the Voltage 3950 as my wife and I would probably have looked at another manufacturer. I will admit that we are not very experienced RV’ers, but we have rented various RV’s over the years which is why we saved up and decided to purchase our own RV. Now after reading these posts and experiencing the nightmare of our first outing in our brand new Voltage 3950, maybe we should have stuck with renting. I will do my best to summarize our experience with our new 3950 this weekend. We researched local RV parks as everything we read said to have your first outing in a new RV close to home. Thank God we did stay close. As soon as we arrived at the RV park, paid the non-refundable fees to camp and began setting up the 3950, the issues started. After backing into the assigned spot, I went to the jack control screen, followed the instructions to lower the jacks and received the low voltage message. Well, the supposed new battery that came with the 3950 was dead. A neighbor helped by jumpstarting the Onan generator. I restarted the jack system and it worked with the generator on and the converter supplying power. The next issue came after I hooked up the water and water came shooting out of the side of the trailer from the water heater panel. After turning off the water and checking under the water heater panel, I found a rod about five inches long with threads on one end just sitting on the floor of the panel along with a black plastic cap which also had threads. I am not sure what either of these items do, but needless to say, something was not right. I was unable to find any valve under the water heater panel to adjust or close and as such, our first weekend with our new Voltage 3950 looked like it was over before it got started. I asked my wife and son if they wanted to use the RV park toilets and showers and stay, they were troopers and agreed to forgo our RV’s water and toilets since water would shoot out of the side of our 3950 whenever I turned the faucet supply to the RV on. So next on the list was turning on the two A/C’s since it was fairly warm for a southern CA March afternoon. Well as soon as I turned the A/C’s on sawdust started flying out of the various vents throughout the RV. The interior was covered front to back including us. We spent the next three or so hours trying to clean the RV interior surfaces again. By this time, it was cooling off, so I turned off the A/C’s and since the main control panel indicated the battery was now charged after running the generator for half the day, I turned off the generator for some quiet. Well so much for the battery being charged, as soon as I turned off the generator the lights dimmed and something started beeping. I went to start the generator again and the supposedly fully charged battery was dead. I went to ask the kind neighbor for a generator jump start again and they had went out for the evening. At this point my wife and son were looking pretty disappointed with our new Dutchmen Voltage 3950. We sat there for about two hours before someone came along that we could get a jumpstart from and at that point, we decided to call off our first outing with our new RV. I raised the jacks, closed up and secured the interior of the RV and headed out. The RV park would not give us a refund, but I cannot blame them as the no refund policy was clearly displayed. We are almost home now and we are still adding items to the list of things either physically broken or just not working on our new Voltage 3950. I am not sure what we are going to do now, but we spent a lot of money hoping to have purchased the top of the line toy hauler 5th wheel and we are back home with a very large piece of disappointment sitting in the driveway. I hope we can find a reputable dealer to fix our Voltage 3950, but after reading the previous posts, I do not have a lot of faith that this RV well ever be what my family was hoping it would be. Good luck to you all and safe travels…

    • Marc Hauser says:


      The issues you have listed in this “blog post” do not seem to be “Manufacturer” related; as I read, you had problems with a Battery (which the manufacturer does not supply) and an “annode” for your water heater, which is easily inserted into the water heater itself before using (your water heater manual will explain this)…There was no failure of the water heater, just a failure of placing the annode into the water heater before your trip; many of our Dealers point this out during the initial “walk thru/inspection” with their customers, which you did not receive because you purchased the unit thru an out-of-town Dealer (not your local Dealer) and had the unit delivered to your house…What you have failed to post (as many bloggers do) is that once you did need some assistance from the factory to find a local service center, Dutchmen did set-up a service appointment with a local service center, and have been on the phone with you several times discussing the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of owning an RV…As far as the “sawdust” issue you had mentioned in your post, if not mistaken, you took delivery from a Denver Dealer in the Winter; I highly doubt they ran the A/C unit before you asked to have the RV delivered to your home…

      I highly recommend to any Customers reading these posts that you take a very local “shake-down” trip (even in your front yard), fully hooked-up, as to see if everything is properly functioning before you head out on your maiden voyage. Normally many of these situations can be avoided by spending a day-or-two going thru the unit and running all the systems…

      I have left my information on several of these posts, and will again ask any Voltage Owners needing assistance to call me direct (I will do everything I can to assist)…I will also continue to reply to these posts when I feel that the “other side of the story” needs to be told…

      Marc Hauser
      THOR/Dutchmen Mfg
      Office: (801) 770-4733
      [email protected]

  • Steve s says:

    I wanted to make a deposit yesterday but decided to give it a week to think about. My wife and I love the layout and the options the Voltage 3200 has to offer. I was under the impression that this line was an above average unit. We have little experience with RV’s and wanted to move from boating to RVing to enjoy our Harley’s more. Unfortunately, I think after reading these reviews, I-we will pass on this purchase for now. Too bad. I was so excited!

  • jay mcfarland says:

    i [purchase a 3900 voltage from the fist week we had problems with slide out .they came got it took it back to factory got it back still has not fixed the problem the air unit in bedroom was not hooked up.5 recalls on refgirator.slide out leeks .1 week ago coming back from daytona center wheel came off hub and all.missed the side of trailer up.they said they had a recall but it was not mine. lights in bed room works for about 1 week then goes out ‘this thing has been a head ache.. i would not buy one at all
    you can call me 205-965-7557

  • Billy says:

    I’ve had my voltage 3905 for over a year now. I love the layout and interior. I have had problems with the main slide out. I believe it’s too big for the style of drive gears they are using. It’s likes to stick. Dealer has adjusted it twice and replaced 1 burned up motor. It was in the shop for 4months. They need to streamline their warranty service. It’s takes too long to get things approved. Now it’s out of warranty so I will have to fix it. The refrigerator propane vent, vents into the kitchen slide and heats it up. They cut crappy holes with a torch for the generator vents and didn’t paint. Rusting up now. Should of used a plasma cutter and did it right. Cheap fuel switch stuck and burned up my fuel pump. That said all trailers have issues and I still like my trailer Just wish they would step up and do a better finishing job And they need to come up with a fix for the slide outs cause I’m not the only one having problems

  • Randy says:

    Bought out 3900 in late August 2011. First unit that delivered to us had the rear bunk bed missing aong with the tracks on the side of the walls. They were removed at one of dealers orher branches. Also has gouge in ceiling and latches for outside compartment doors missing. 3days lateranother ubit arrived. On pickup day the dealer spent 3 extra hours securing ( fabricating and welding) the landing gear because it had shifted which drove the thru shaft up into the bottom of the trailer. First weekend in use the kitchen side would not go out without being pushed. Took back to dealer and was to,d unit had to be perfectly level for slides to work properly. Took to RV park for the next 2 months and we used 6 out of 8 weekends. During that time daler sent repairmen to fix water leaks under kitchen sink and shower trap. After they left I still had to tighten trap myself. When leaving RV park w slid kitchen slide in and it ripped flooring up. Brought back to dealer to repair and winterized. Feb of 2012 we took unit on 2000 mile trip. Upon arrival discovered water leak that filled under belly and covere floor of storage area. Also shower leaked and glass in door for control panel came loose and fell into control panel. Kitchen slide stil neded help going out and when it was pulled back in it tore flooring again. Worse this time. Took back to dealer and was told that they needed to remove kitchen floor, center island, steps and floor deck and repair frame cross members that were installed improperly. It has been at dealer since Mid feb 2012. Have called dealer reps and Dutchmen repose veal times and get runaround. dealer did offer $40,000 to buy unit back. Big hit since we have only been able to use it 23 days of the 7 months we have owed it.

    There is a option to file a claim under the Magnuseon Moss Warranty Act. Could not be more dissappointed

  • Randy says:

    Bought out 3900 in late August 2011. First unit that delivered to us had the rear bunk bed missing aong with the tracks on the side of the walls. They were removed at one of dealers orher branches. Also has gouge in ceiling and latches for outside compartment doors missing. 3days lateranother ubit arrived. On pickup day the dealer spent 3 extra hours securing ( fabricating and welding) the landing gear because it had shifted which drove the thru shaft up into the bottom of the trailer. First weekend in use the kitchen side would not go out without being pushed. Took back to dealer and was to,d unit had to be perfectly level for slides to work properly. Took to RV park for the next 2 months and we used 6 out of 8 weekends. During that time daler sent repairmen to fix water leaks under kitchen sink and shower trap. After they left I still had to tighten trap myself. When leaving RV park w slid kitchen slide in and it ripped flooring up. Brought back to dealer to repair and winterized. Feb of 2012 we took unit on 2000 mile trip. Upon arrival discovered water leak that filled under belly and covere floor of storage area. Also shower leaked and glass in door for control panel came loose and fell into control panel. Kitchen slide stil neded help going out and when it was pulled back in it tore flooring again. Worse this time. Took back to dealer and was told that they needed to remove kitchen floor, center island, steps and floor deck and repair frame cross members that were installed improperly. It has been at dealer since Mid feb 2012. Have called dealer reps and Dutchmen repose veal times and get runaround. dealer did offer $40,000 to buy unit back. Big hit since we have only been able to use it 23 days of the 7 months we have owed it.

    There is a option to file a claim under the Magnuseon Moss Warranty Act. Could not be more disappointed that we have not been able to resolve this. Was told by dealer that Dutchmen knows they have problem but their lack of desire to resolve shows they want consumer to cover their costs. Time to turn loose the dancing chicken (my name for our attorney) and see where this goes. Oh I did forget they offered us another coach if we pay an additional 13k to make it happen.

  • Randy says:

    Any factory rep or dealer want to contact me please feel free to do so. Email is [email protected]. I will respond or call back.

  • Paul says:

    I have a 3900 bought in Sep 2011- to date only one trip 3 weeks at Christmas at 8500ft in Colorado.

    everything functioned as required, even at low temperatures, I’d awake with -10deg C in the underfloor storage and arround 6deg c in the accomodation, just running heat at the same temp.

    Found the main slide sitting area to be cold so added some silver backed foam to the windows, and the next trip out I’ll add some insulation behind the seating and in the storage bins.

    next trip out -we’ll see if the AC functions !

    to date very happy, it made a very comfy place to stay during our ski trip using the garage as the wet area for board and ski’s

  • Dave M says:

    The Daughter and Son-in-law just fell in love with 3900; they have had 2 toy haulers and are ready for a new one. The preponderance of evidence here makes this purchase a no go. Being a business owner I always wonder why other business owners settle for mediocrity in their workforce. It appears their QC is nonexistent for craftsmanship and bill of materials acquisitions. I would not put a product out and then say make a couple of trial runs close to home; presumably so you can find our mistakes and give us months to work those out for you. And furthermore, find a good qualified service department. This is not a statement needed to be made by a quality company.

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