12 V Spotlight

How often are you in the car, truck, or in many cases for us Toyhauler Adventurers in our side by side’s and found the need for a flashlight just to find out that the battery-powered light you keep in the toolbox, glove-box, or under the seat is deader than a doornail when you need it most!  Even worse you can’t find it or never put one in your vehicle?  This recently happened to me and luckily I was still in my driveway and was able to run inside to grab the big D-cell unit that I keep next to the bedside.  What if I had been out on some 2 lane highway in between home and camp or even worse if it was your wife or child somewhere alone? 

I was recently walking around one of the famous outdoor retailers and was eyeballing the flashlight aisle (I have an affinity for all things knives and flashlights,   don’t ask me why but it is my vice that I have to live with),   when I ran across the Spotlight™ rechargeable LED light.  Utilizing a vehicles cigarette lighter socket (includes a special fit clip for different size outlets) to store and charge this light makes for a convenient light like no other that I have seen or used.  With a rated output of 25+ lumens from a high power 0.5 watt LED bulb with a stated distance of 150 feet and up to 3 hours of light per charge.  After testing the first one and finding that this is an affordable solution to keeping a bright and ready to use light in my vehicle, I went on line and ordered one for every vehicle in my stable as well as my toys and one for the toyhauler.

After I purchased and received a few more of these lights, I found that the ones that I had purchased from an online retailer (I was not aware at the time I could purchase direct)  did not include the aforementioned fit-clip and was not going to work properly for the size of sockets .  A quick email to the companies co-founder Matt Swisher resulted in a fast answer and the promise to send me the required fit-clips post-haste.  The promised clips arrived 3 days after I received the email from Mark; this response indicates that the company is dedicated to customer service and satisfaction.  After seeing this type of dedication I then informed Mark about Toyhauler Adventures  and he sent me over a couple of Spotlight™ RESCUE rechargeable LED lights,  the big brother to the units I have already been using.  At almost four times the output to its little brother at 96 lumens and well over twice the distance with a 1 watt LED bulb,  I look forward to testing this light out over the next few trips and reporting back to you.  Stay Tuned!!!!


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Chipster says:

Another very cool, “why didn’t I think of that” idea! Looks like I’ll have to pick up a couple for myself! Thanks for the great article!

Florida PI says:

Great review J.T., I’ll definitely be on the look out for one of these.

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