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Rigid Industries Diablo Flashlight Long Term Review

While looking at all the cool stuff on the Rigid Industries Website, I saw a tab for Flashlights. I checked them out and thought, well I am placing an order anyway, and I need a new flashlight! So I ordered a Diablo Flashlight with some RV lights. When I got the box, I opened it and did the guy thing;...
March 15th, 2011 | Accessories Hi-lite | Read More

12 V Spotlight

How often are you in the car, truck, or in many cases for us Toyhauler Adventurers in our side by side’s and found the need for a flashlight just to find out that the battery-powered light you keep in the toolbox, glove-box, or under the seat is deader than a doornail when you need it most!  Even...
September 14th, 2010 | Accessories Hi-lite | Read More