Take Back Utah

I received this today. I realize that anyone reading this won’t have time to participate. I just wanted toy hauler people to know that there is work to be done in every state to save our PUBLIC lands. http://www.takebackutah.org/

Are you ready to Take Back Utah? Are you ready to join with thousands of others to tell the federal government to listen to local people and manage land for the public? 
Last year around 4000 people gathered to protest mismanagement of federal public land in Utah. We rode ATVs and other vehicles up state street and gathered at the steps of the state capitol building. We will do the same this year, except the parade route is a bit longer. You can come for just the rally or join us for the parade and the rally. We have improved the format of last year’s rally, it will be even more enjoyable and on topic. Last year was an eye opening experience for many of us. To see that many people united behind a cause that USA-ALL has been working on for so long was awesome. It gave us and many others renewed hope that we could make a difference in these issues.
Last year when we organized the event we didn’t know how well it would be received. But it was so well attended that Take Back Utah! (TBU) has organized itself into a new and separate organization. It is a complimentative organization to USA-ALL and all other organizations that want multiple use of public land. The focus of TBU is to plan and execute rallies and events to draw attention to land use related issues. USA-ALL is on the board of directors for TBU and we have had a role in planning this next event.
This years event should be even bigger than last year. I can tell you from first hand experience that last year’s event helped catapult USA-ALL into a new league. Politicians were willing to listen to us with renewed interest. They knew that we were speaking for many thousands of people. The old adage that the squeaky wheel gets the grease is true. So this year lets not just squeak, lets demand better representation and aggressive action from our political representatives. Lets remind the federal government where it gets its power from…i.e. ALL OF US!
If you have always wanted to be apart of something or make a difference in your quality of life, then you need to be sure to attend this FREE event.
The time has past when it was sufficient for you to simply work your job, attend to your family, and participate in church and local civic functions. If those of you who care about public land and its management want to see positive change then you MUST become involved now. If you care about the direction of this country you cannot ignore the need for you to do more. We all MUST be active citizens. We need you to step up and come to this event. Your attendance WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Commit to attending and then spread the word and get ALL YOU CAN to do the same. PLEASE take this appeal for your attendance seriously. Please come and unite your voice with all of ours.


Take Back Utah!



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