Warrior Lifestyles releases first new models

Warrior Lifestyles… out of the ashes of the former industry titan, Weekend Warrior.

Former GM of Weekend Warrior, Larry Broyles, along with some former staff of WW have started a new Toy Hauler company. Many of you have heard about it, and now we get to see the first two models from Warrior Lifestyles. The 25′ FS2500, and the 29′ FS2900. Both are bumper pull trailers, with familiar layouts and features found on the original Weekend Warrior, and other industry leaders.

Officially released just over a month ago (April 20th, 2010), these two models are built to be lighter, yet stronger than the Weekend Warrior we had been accustomed to. With aluminum wall framing and gel coat siding, the 25′ version weighs in at just under 7000 lbs dry, but loaded with top level equipment, and features.

Pricing is in the low $40k range for the FS2500, and mid $40k range for the FS2900, and available in SoCal from McMahon’s RV, Phoenix from AZ Campers and in Reno from Pro Tech RV.

Visit http://www.warriorlifestyles.com for more information.

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Darryl says:

To bad they have gone the wrong way!! Lighter and cheaper is what we need!! Not a bloated over priced unit…

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