Bluetooth Can Save Your Marriage!

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Submitted by Jake Leek, future marriage counselor!

Q: How many of you use 2-way radios to have your wife guide you when backing your rig into its parking spot?

Q: How many times does attempting to talk to each other at the exact same moment lead to arguments?

Q: How many times do you sleep on the couch due to this argument?

You’re smart, you see where this is leading and you are thinking “Why didn’t I think of this?” Well, I wish I had thought of it myself! It is brilliant in its simplicity yet it took a friend’s 17-year old son to come up with it.

So have your wife call you on your Bluetooth-enabled phone, keep both hands on the wheel and calmly communicate your way in. Save the 2-way radios for when you are in the boondocks with no cell reception.

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