Tow with what you got…

Towing with what I have….

I have a 2005 Nissan Titan 4×4 SE with Tow Package. The package included the all the extra cooling and charging you would need, along with extending mirrors which are some of the best I have ever used. It also included a class 4/5 Hitch, fully wired for trailer brakes. Along the way I have added some extra after-market gear.

Here’s a list of towing related modifications:

  1. Light truck tires. The Titan comes with P rated tires and although “good enough” for some, I felt the LT tires added that little extra safety I prefer!
  2. Equal-I-Zer weight distribution hitch. I bought a cheap W/D hitch and single friction sway control for my first trailer and had too many white knuckle trips. In my opinion, the Equal-I-Zer is the lowest W/D hitch that should be on the market, all the ones below it are poor alternatives and give drivers a false sense of security.
  3. Shocks. The stock shocks on the Titan and most trucks for that matter are low end and did little to dampen body roll and sway. I first switch to ICON Racing shocks and they were a HUGE improvement in handling and ride over stock. I have since switched to Sway-A-Way rear shocks for better on and off road handling.
  4. Air Bags. Wow these were the final piece of the towing puzzle that made my truck VERY stable in the stiffest of side winds that you get coming through California’s Antelope Valley.

Some performance modifications I have done to help the truck out:

  1. Gibson Exhaust, Flows more air, and love that sound!!!
  2. K&N filter and modified my air box for better flow. I had tried a cold air intake, but is was way too loud while pulling steep grades.
  3. Deep transmission pan. Hold more oil and helps keep the transmission cooler.
  4. Bigger rear differential cover. Holds more oil to cool the gears.

Overall, I love my “little” truck it is the right size for me and my family. I can still get in all parking lots and enjoy taking it on twisty mountain roads or down a Dirt road.

As for lack of tow capacity, I have a narrow driveway and can’t have a wide-body trailer, and I refuse to pay storage fees again. While yes I would love a big 40 footer and MDT truck, it’s not likely to happen, so my starter kit is perfect for us and gives us all the pleasure of the bigger units without all the cost!!

Story by Darryl Skelton

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