The Pre Delivery Inspection

Download your PDI check list here!

The most important thing you can do when you buy a new or used toy hauler is a Pre Delivery Inspection (PDI). A properly done PDI will save you tons of headaches with your new purchase. The PDI checks every component of a new trailer purchase, from the tires, to the doors, walls, hangers, appliances and so on. Just because it is new or the people you are buying from tells you “everything works perfectly” check it out for yourself.

The PDI helps you two fold. First it makes you check every part of the trailer and second it makes sure you know how to operate everything in the RV. I don’t know how many times I hear people ask what a switch does or how something works after they buy. It is also recommended to take a friend that either owns an RV or is very knowledgeable on the complete workings of a toy hauler, the mores eyes the better.

The best way to do a PDI is to get a check list so you don’t forget anything as you are walking through and around the coach. Make sure that there is propane in the tanks; the fuel station (if so equipped) has gas in it, fill up fresh water tank just to name a few thing you need to do. Study the PDI sheet before you go to pick up the toy hauler or RV and don’t forget a flashlight. You will be surprised with everything that is on the check list but all of it is important.

Don’t be in a hurry a full PDI will usually take between 2 and 4 hours. Please don’t sign any paperwork until after you finish your inspection. It’s not yours until after you sign or give money. I have heard of a few trailers that were not purchased because of catastrophic problems that were found during the PDI. By not signing any paper work until after the inspection is done you can get in writing anything that should be repaired. That way there is no mis-communication between you and the dealer or old owner.

Good luck with your new purchase and feel free to share your new purchase adventure with us. We would love to see your pictures of your new purchase!!!!!!! Send them to [email protected]

Download your PDI check list here!

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J.T. says:

This is a Important Aspect of purchasing in New or Used Trailer from a Private Party or retailer. COuld Save you thousands in repairs.

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