Relocating the Dirt Devil Vac

The Voltage and the Fusion both mount the Dirt Devil vacuum on the ceiling of the pass through storage which will restrict what you can load in that area. Take a look at ┬átheir website pic here and you’ll see what I mean.

So I relocated it behind the wall.

To do, just remove the panel. Cut a piece of 3/8 or heavier plywood to fit between the aluminum beams and remount. All electrical wires and hozes reach fine.
You do have to reach in quite a ways to empty the bag but I felt it a small price to pay for having more storage.

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I love it. Thank you! This upgrade has been made to all Voltage models. It will start in production in September…

Nate Goldenberg
Dutchmen Mfg.
General Manager

Wayne says:

When is Voltage going to start offering King Beds in teh smaller units like Cyclone and Raptor Have.

PTF says:

Nice upgrade. Thanks for sharing. Just took delviery of my second volatge.

PTF says:

So what is behind the far wall.. You have obviously modified this area as well.

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