Backlight your Control Panel

My control panel on my Voltage toy hauler is setup so that the labels are etched from behind the fiberglass panel. This makes it viewable with daylight but at night they are hard if not impossible to see.

To fix this I  added a cheap LED light strip on the wall behind the panel and wired it to the step switch.

Here is the before and after result.
Voltage V3900 Control Panel before backlight
Voltage V3900 Contol Panel after backlight

Now you’ll notice that some of the labels aren’t perfectly lighted. This is due to the myriad of wires blocking the light. I plan on putting another light on the right side next that should remedy this

Total cost – about $10

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Nice job. Would like to do this to the Voltage 3950 we just bought. Can you E-mail me a link to were you got the LED lights from.

Thanks Robert

Brad says:

We just used our Voltage 3200 for the first time and you are right….the lighing on the panel is bad. Can you email me the info on the lights and related.


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