Voyager Wireless Observation Camera’s…Great for Toy Haulers

ASA Electronics Digitally Revolutionizes the RV Industry

ELKHART, IN (Dec. 13, 2010) – ASA Electronics, international manufacturer and supplier of mobile electronics, is thrilled to introduce the new Voyager® digital wireless observation system to the RV industry. This revolutionary digital wireless observation system using WiSight™ technology far exceeds the performance of any analog wireless observation system on the market.

WiSight™ technology digitally locks the Voyager® camera to its monitor so it only communicates with that monitor, ignoring outside signals. This eliminates interference and noise typical of analog wireless systems. WiSight™ technology is strong enough to travel through and around objects and works on vehicles 60+ feet in length, a significantly longer distance than wireless analog systems.

WiSight™ technology delivers a sharp, vivid picture of the vehicle’s surroundings to the 5.6” color LCD monitor. A suction cup mount and 12-volt DC power plug for the monitor make this system easily portable among towing vehicles for any travel trailer.

“ASA is pleased to offer such a revolutionary product to the RV industry.” said ASA VP of Sales, Pat McCullough. “WiSight™ technology will allow towable units to receive the benefits of observation systems easier than ever before.”

As with all ASA Electronics’ products, this Voyager® observation system with WiSight™ technology is designed and tested to withstand the rugged conditions commonly found in RV environments.

The WiSight™ package includes all the necessary items to eliminate blind spots through digital technology; a 5.6 LCD color monitor with integrated receiver, one 12-volt accessory plug, a suction cup monitor mount, one rear color camera with integrated transmitter, stainless steel hardware and non-corrosive camera mounting bracket. Available April 2011.

Since 1977, ASA Electronics has been an international manufacturer and supplier of mobile electronics to the RV, Van, Marine, Bus, Truck, and Heavy Duty industries.  ASA’s proprietary line of products includes:
·          JENSEN® Stereos, Speakers, LCD Televisions/Monitors, and DVD players
·          JENSEN® Marine Waterproof/Water Resistant Stereos, Speakers, DVD Players, & Accessories
·          JENSEN® Heavy Duty Stereos, Speakers, and Accessories
·          Voyager®  Rear & Side Observation Systems
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