No More Free Dumping at Flying J

I know some  Toy Hauler Adventure readers  dump at Flying J would be interested in this announcement.

Free dumping at Flying J is no more. To continue providing waste dump station services at Flying J, the company has instituted a $10 fee to customers using this service. The company claims that this charge has become necessary to cover the increasing costs of offering this amenity.

These additional fees include:

Maintenance — escalating expenses associated with normal usage and the misuse and abuse of waste dump stations
Municipalities — rising costs from local sewer treatment service providers
Regulatory — increasing expenditures linked to stringent corporate responsibilities


For members of Flying J’s Frequent Fueler and RV Real Value clubs, a $5 dump station coupon will be added to their card, based on fuel purchases. The club member must present their card to the cashier at the point of purchase to receive the discount.

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