Cloudy Headlight Syndrome

I have been noticing for awhile that my headlight lenses on my 2003 Chevrolet truck were getting all cloudy and oxidized restricting the amount of  light that could show through. It looked like crap and made the truck look older then it already was. Plus I am sure it is a safety hazard of some kind restricting the headlights from working properly.

I saw a commercial for Meguiar’s Headlight Restoration Kit and figured I would try it. The kit was available at my local Wal-Mart store for $20.00. The kit included a buffer pad to hook to a drill, cleaning compound and a microfiber towel.

I just applied the polish to buffer that was attached to my cordless drill and went to work. I do recommend masking the areas around the lenses first so you don’t buff parts of the truck that could get hurt when the buffer pad hits them. My lenses were not equally clouded; the drivers’ side was a lot worse for some reason. The left side is where I started, it was easy buffing the lenses but it took numerous applications to get most of the oxidation out.

As you can tell by the pictures the difference is incredible. They are not new and still have some imperfections but the lenses look way better now. I will not be worried about enough light showing through the lenses after this. There were some cheap replacement lenses for $90 each available but I feel better about spending the $20 versus the $180.

I would have to recommend this product for people that don’t want to buy new lenses. It was easy to do and only took as much time as you felt like spending. Twenty dollars well spent in my opinion. 

On a side note I did hear from a friend that his only lasted four or five months before it got cloudy again. So I will report back in a few months.

To check out the product on Meguiar’s website: and other customer reviews

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