Weekend Warrior generator fuel pump problem

Quick tip from Brian Cheney:

My fuel pump went out in my toy hauler, WW had that thing In a bitch of a place to get out of (Bottom of generator, above the Trailer frame) I had to take the filter off, (What a bitch) Then remove the 90 degree fitting going upward to carb before i could remove it. I did a little research on the web, and found a $49 dollar replacement from Auto Zone. 12 volt, 4-7 pounds. I relocated the pump and filter to make replacement of either a whole lot easier. The part number is Airtex E8016S. Ran the generator for over 3 hours with both A/C Units on, She ran like a Champ ! Onan wants over a hundred bucks for the Original. I mounted the Pump to one of the Holding tanks supports. The pump comes with Support clamp / Fittings/ Electrical crimps / fuel line clamps. I just had to buy a in line filter, and wire loom to cover the wire from extending it thru the generator compartment, and 4′ of 1/4 fuel line.

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J. Elliott says:

I have a 2008 Extreme Mega-Lite (now Extreme-Warrior RV) and had the same problem with the fuel pump. I took the trailer back to Extreme-Warrior to have some other work done and asked for a quote to replace the fuel pump, they wanted to charge over $400!!! I think I will look for the cheaper alternative and do the work myself.

W Edwards says:

My genset would run for 15-20 minutes and then die and would not restart. After reading on the internet there was trouble with my model and the fuel pump o-rings deterioration over time and swelling when the genset was running, thereby cutting off fuel supply. Self diagnosis: 1. when it would cut off I would try to prime it and you would not hear the fuel pump running. 2. I disconnected the gas line at the carburetor and fuel would flow when the genset was cold but after it would cut off and I’d try to restart the fuel would not flow.

Ordered this pump (Airtex E11015 Electric Fuel Pump) off Amazon for my 2008 Weekend Warrior FSWL 3200 that has an Onan Marquis 5500 generator set. This is a bolt on perfect replacement with the same specs. I also ordered the Onan Fuel Filter (Cummins 149234101) to replace at the same time. Total time 45 minutes. Runs like a champ.

BTW…I had two tech’s out to the RV to look at it and both were telling me I needed to pull the genset out of the RV and bench test it. Quotes were $850 and $750 and both said it wasn’t the fuel pump. My total cost was under $70.

Laurie Bowling says:

My 2007 Weekend Warrior fuel tank expands/contracts with a very loud boom. Did not do this when we purchase, (2 months ago) only after we replaced the fuel pump. Any ideas?

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