Quick Tip: Shower Hose too Short?

Quick Tip:

My buddy Rick told me this one. His wife was upset the shower head hose length in their RV was restricted by the clamp that holds the hose from moving around while you drive and she couldn’t rinse her feet.

The shower hose on many toy haulers runs through a round hose restraint mount that restricts the length of the hose so the shower head can’t hit the ground or shower enclosure while traveling. This is annoying when you want to hose out the bottom of the shower or rinse your feet.

The quick fix is easy and FREE just unscrew the hose from the shower head and pull the hose through the restraining clamp and hook it back to the shower head. Genius!!!

So simple and easy I wish I would have thought of it. Just make sure you run it back through the clamp when traveling.

Thanks Rick and Steph!!!

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Rick says:

Sometimes all it take is someone to ask and ill find a way to fix it. 🙂

Terry says:

Wow. And my wife just took off the clamp. Wish I had seen this before she did that.

tgluckman says:

Didn’t that leave holes in the shower Terry?

Darryl says:

I just refit and resealed the hook..

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