Norcold RV refrigerator recall

This was an original recall from 2002, Norcold has still not repaired all the units. If you have one of these, we recommend you get it repaired ASAP!

Norcold, Inc. Product Recalls – Call 1-800-767-9101

The Norcold, Inc. refrigerators listed below have been recalled. These refrigerators have a defect that can result in a fire causing injury or death.

If you suspect you own one of these recalled refrigerators:

  1. Immediately, turn the refrigerator off at its inside controls AND unplug it from its 110 volt source through the service vent door.
  2. Call 1-800-767-9101 for assistance to verify if your refrigerator is on recall and/or report and get information as to where you can take the vehicle to get your Norcold refrigerator professionally repaired.

These refrigerators will be repaired at no cost to you.

Norcold, Inc. cannot accept responsibility if you do not immediately arrange to take your refrigerator into a Dealer/Service Center for repair.  Moreover, you could be personally liable to third parties for property damage or bodily injuries resulting from your failure to have your refrigerator immediately repaired.

Models 1200LR, 1200LRIM and 1201LRIM

1200LR, 1200LRIM and 1201LRIM, 4 door refrigerators with cooling unit serial numbers ranging from 700000 to 1536607.

These refrigerators were installed as original equipment in vehicle model years 1997 to 2003. Other recalled refrigerators may have been purchased as replacement during the same period.

N600 and N800 Series Models 1082 Free-Standing LP Model

N841, N821, N641, N621 and 1082 gas/electric 2 door refrigerators, having cooling units with serial numbers from 1038000 to 1099000.

These refrigerators were mostly installed in, but limited to vehicle models 1999 to 2000.

Owners who have had the heater element replaced in one of these cooling units should call: 800-767-9101 to get their refrigerator upgraded to current product configuration.

We apologize for any inconvenience this situation may have caused you. To show our appreciation for your cooperation, after the repair has been performed you will receive a free $50 gas card.

How to Tell if Your Refrigerator Has Been Recalled (click to enlarge)

Smaller Gas Absorption Models

Due to a potential safety defect, Norcold has recalled the following smaller gas/electric refrigerator models, built from January, 1987 through May 1995, listed below.

If the serial number for your refrigerator model is within the specified range as listed below, the refrigerator’s gas valve needs to be remedied immediately. Refrigerator model and serial numbers can be viewed by looking on the inside right of your refrigerator cabinet.

Continued propane gas mode operation of a refrigerator under this recall could result in a fire causing injury or death.

Model Serial #’s
442 01000-08255
443 01000-11972
452 01000-11972
452 01000-14302
453 01000-05418
462 00001-120909
463 00001-05210
482 00001-24398
483 00001-03518
EV452 01002-10327
EV452 01002-10327
EV462 01000-01283
EV463 01266-01283
EV482 01000-01204
EV483 01050-01319
874EG2 01000-03988
874EG3 01000-02347
875EG2 01000-24711
875EG3 01000-05696

If you own an affected model:

  1. Immediately switch your refrigerator’s controls to AC power (or DC power, if available, while in transit). No LP gas power operation should occur because it could create an unsafe condition.
  2. Contact a servicing Dealer/Service Center to arrange a service date soon. The gas valve in your refrigerator will be replaced at no charge.

N260, N300, 322/323 Models

Models Built Serial Numbers (ID Label inside the refrigerator)
322/323 August, 1992-August, 1999 lower than 734882
N260/N260.3 April, 1998-August, 1999 lower than 738527
N300/N300.3 April, 1998-August, 1999 lower than 738626

Persons owning one of these models should:

  1. Turn the manual shut-off valve to OFF and operate it only on AC or DC power until the defect is repaired. (No gas leak can occur during AC or DC operation.)
  2. Contact a Dealer/Service Center to arrange a service date as soon as possible. A remedy kit, and the labor to install it, is free to the consumer.
  3. Call Norcold at 1-800-767-9101 with any questions; and to obtain the location of the nearest Norcold Service Center.

Original information:

Thanks to Brian Cheney for the tip on this one.

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